One More Click And The Dog Is Sold


One More Click And The Dog Is Sold

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Hangover Cat Rehydrates


Hangover Cat Rehydrates

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What Happens In Vegas Stays On Facebook


What Happens In Vegas Stays On Facebook

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No. 453

Author, C A Middleton

photo credit:

My Blue Guide. By CpSingleton © 2014

Hark at what comes hither to!
A flash of warmth I call the blue.
Without a noise I feel the stroke,
Like dream time echoes do invoke.

I will walk within this hue and
Bask in knowledge old and new.
This blue with heart so very wide!
In which there lives my spirit guide.

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Slow Motion Destruction (Gif)


Slow Motion Destruction (Gif)

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The Haunted Castle.

Daniel Kemp


The Haunted Castle. Part Three.

Part One.

Part Two.

Dearest beloved, thoughtful, Tracey,

What an absolute joy and fountain of wisdom you are!

Who would have realised that the problem preventing your communications to me for so long would have led to such revelations. I refer of course to the iron filings, blown across Asia, that affected your emailing capabilities. Outer Mongolia sounds a very inhospitable place for my betrothed. I know that the Government has need of your broadcasting skills, but I do so worry. Take care, and wear a breathing apparatus to protect your lungs, at all times!

You were not to know that, ‘Iron’ is an old cockney rhyming slang abbreviation for…Roof! It comes from the use of ‘Iron Hoof.’ Its shortening was so others, probably the police, would not know of those devilish cockney’s intentions to steal lead from Church roofs. Although not a cockney myself…

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A few days early

Of Words and Water

OOf-words-and-Water-2014f Words and Water 2014 has been published a few days early.

A new collection of short stories, poems and non-fiction has seen the light of day. This work with topics ranging from a single drop of water to planetary annexation, is donated freely for you to enjoy.

Download it on Smashwords today.

If you enjoy it please say thank you by making a donation, however small, on the Group’s JustGiving page.

Words and Water page on JustGiving.

Help spread the word about the work being done by WaterAid by encouraging your friends and family to download a copy, and by visiting WaterAid’s website.

Thank you.

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Peace, Love and Patchouli

Did you know
You did not have me at hello,
But at a glimpse scrolling
Shepherd mix
At a moment of grief
Of a loss tearing a soul
Into a million paw prints
That would no longer
Mark my earth.
You had me with a smile,
A bubble gum tongue
And eyes so happy
And deep.
You had me at a name,
Not really yours,
A hand me down
From the SPCA,
Sydney…now Chi
Little earth energy
Ball of movement
My heart.
Your childish antics
As I try to sit
Pushing me forward with
Paws slapped around my neck,
Kisses from a happy soul, who rescued who?
I’d love to know.

A piece to my girl Chi…aka cheese bag,chi bag, Cheezits , and too many others…and the occasional swear word thrown in.

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Three To Hunt For (2014)

Three by M.E./Rhymes of the Times

1. Keys.

2. Jobs.

3. Anything that moves.


Weekend fare-

Quail, deer, wild boar, or bear.


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11 Things That You Should Not Stop Doing

Energize Your Thoughts

ThingsYouSouldNotStopDoingIt is so easy to be distracted today, but despite whatever distractions are out there, there are something’s that we should not stop doing. It is important to realize that what we do in our daily lives will either make us or break us. That is, the things that you remind yourself of daily are they making or breaking you. Be conscious and cognizant of what you are doing daily.

These are 11 things that I believe that we should not stop doing.

You should not stop:

  • Learning and Evolving
  • Loving Yourself
  • Being Yourself
  • Making the best of what you have
  • Thinking Positive
  • Being Kind
  • Being Thankful
  • Appreciating Life
  • Believing in Yourself and Your Dream
  • Working hard towards your dream
  • Being compassionate

Do you have somethings that you think that we should not stop doing, that can enhance our lives. Go ahead and share!

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My Grandma New Years Cruise Photo. What The Hell ?


My Grandma New Years Cruise Photo. What The Hell ?

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