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Yay… still not quite sure what the chuff I did getting into this lark, but this old camel is now a third of the way through the “30 Day Ab Challenge”. Well I say that, but in reality it’s just been one week and two hours, but as I decided to dump the rest days, that’s 8 exercise days completed, and therefore just over a third of the 23 exercise days in the 30 day challenge 😀

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First of all, the rest days… they are optional I guess, and some of my fellow Facebook Group victims have taken them, and some haven’t. For me, I need to lose 3 days off the plan anyway; as I really need to kick this challenge by 26 June, leaving one day free before Challenge II, the 16 hour fasts of the month of Ramadan 🙂

So for those who didn’t believe I…

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What Is Hope?

Source of Inspiration


Hope fuels our dreams,
desires that Source
places in our hearts.
Hope is faith in action,
a knowing that all is
going according to
Divine plan. Hope gives
us certainty in what
has not yet materialized.

We can distinguish
between true hope and
false hope–when we
want something but
don’t really believe it
is possible. True hope is
Divine expectation…
certainty that we will
receive that for which
we hope, dream, desire.
Hope combined with loving
faith brings our righteous
desires into reality.

H ope manifests our dreams
O pens the door to create our desires
Puts us in alignment with Source
Ever fueling the Divine plan of our lives

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