The Fickle Heartbeat


I’m so drawn to you.

And whatever the reason is, I can’t fight it.

You make my heart sing.
The mere thought of you makes me smile.
I love how you blurt out sweet words like you can’t contain it,
and it’s crazy how those words make me want to dive right back
into what I’ve tried so hard to come out of.
Cupid’s got me in a chokehold.

I don’t want to think too deep into it.
As long as I’m happy and you’re happy, I’m more than content with where everything lies.

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When Waves Collide

The Red Box

Photo Credits: Google Images Photo Credits: Google Images

I was astound by your love
We love like waves collide
I ran fast against the current
Down to the bottom of the ocean bed

Sea-foams touched my feet
You lifted me up and we fell asleep
Emotions got my hair waving
Like the wind when it’s trembling yet whispering

I could forever stay in waters
If you’ll promise that we’ll be together
I jumped into the waters and rain fell
You look at me and I melt

The best part of love is falling’
And when I look at you, boy, I’m loving’
Every stars I see in your eyes
Every shine, every sparkle speaks mine.

Photo Credit: Google Images Photo Credit: Google Images

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Universal Contriving


Universal Contriving

Assuming the opposite
from the desired outcome may relish at
crippling us every chance it gets
stop, it becomes repetitive
and dreams are regularly left unassembled
another equinox omitted of vestige, meaning given for being discovered from living hidden
hybrid types mingled in the upper towers, layered away in dusk and confusion, they produced ellipsis
success is eminent rang a rejoicing communion

Sing O Sing my Heart without Fear
And never Allow deception near
To spin its web of intrigue to shout
Colliding with obscured and obsequious doubt

Push onwards looking to be engulfed
awe stricken vividly after reluctance
bountiful beauty in discernment employed lucidly
amass emotions and when fertility springs up realms to elaborated possibilities, be open

Shout O Shout my Spirit in Joy
Guiding Principles to employ
While Maelstrom in its violent bluster
Shreds All the Logic I Endeavor to Muster

washed away from any painful remembrance

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When I Say Your Name – I Really Say it

Julian Froment's Blog

Following on from my poem, ‘When You Say My Name‘, I thought I would say the name, the name of my one true love, Ionia. I thought that I would actually say it though.


When I say your name

When I say your name,
And look upon your face,
That smile upon your lips,
Replete with heavenly grace

When I say your name,
A spark lights up your eyes,
My heart it soars so high,
It reaches to the skies

When I say your name,
And a glow envelops you
I can feel your love,
So deep, so pure, so true

When I say your name,
I’m filled with butterflies,
The greatest feeling ever,
No need to wonder why

When I say your name,
I add three perfect words,
I gaze into your eyes,
And say, ‘I love you, Ionia’

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The Void


It may the day he was born,
Or perhaps just another Thursday.
It matters not, he is still on his own.
No friends to help celebrate.

So it’s no different today.
His famliy may bring gifts,
But it does not fill,
The void.

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Galactic Shark


Like the unicorn and the black dog’s purpose
The grey beast is third that floats to the surface

When the forest pours porridge for us
Slowly curse the scarce force chorus

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