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Vast is the reach
of the Lord
a grain of sand
or mountain high
smallest babe
or mightiest men
each a part of
so much more

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I'm a teacher, again

The other day

he mentioned a moment

the fires were lit

a smoldering ember

always begins

with oxygen

feeding, breathing, sucking

out the air around to fuel

the next lick of flame

when the smoke suddenly emits

a flash, pretty, magical, light

that reflects our soul

while eyes breathe its glow,

we resonate in what we have created.

The other day

man became the impetus

for a dialogue

that creates a strain

on the fabric that surrounds him.

If fed with controversy

the fabric becomes heated, tense,

nervous at the reckoning

that may very well encompass

everyone around him.

Where do our fires begin

that emit only an energy of warmth

and shelter

rather than destroying what is good

for the sake of self-preservation.

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HRH Movements


. iDevice iGrill 2
One for the barbecue lovers (that should be most of you, really). The iGrill 2 lets you keep a tab on your food temperature from up to 150 feet away. The device’s magnetic mounting means you can easily attach it to a grill, while you can monitor everything on the accompanying app. That’s some meaty tech.

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Keep it Simple


One time I brought my cat a bunch of toys and accessories, I must had spent over $60 trying to keep him entertained and happy. When the package comes I show him his toys and other accessories and what happens, he takes interest in the cardboard box. I became frustrated about the amount of money I spent for his toys and all he wanted was to play in the box. I would had been better off going to the corner store and ask for some cardboard boxes, something I did not have to pay money.

Another time I spent $40 for a pet bed, does he lie in it, or sleep in it, no, he sleeps on the sofa, the ragged arm-chair, the bed. Another money wasted. Casey, my cat taught me to keep it simple. So that’s what I started to do, keeping it simple, he likes…

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