Blogging Tips and Writing While Traveling

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In collaboration with Sandra, from Quirky Books, while preparing a guest post for her blog about writing she mentioned that her readers would be interested in learning more about ‘what to include in blog posts, while travelling, and / or the most popular topics/things to include and why, to help other bloggers’. I thought this was a fantastic idea as I’ve never written on this topic and have been meaning to share with my readers how I write full time, while traveling and on the go. If I can make it work, anyone can make it work!

New Zealand New Zealand

One of the most difficult things in being considered a blogger or writer, especially a travel writer, is coming up with original ideas for blog posts. Traveling and experiencing the world is the easy part, yet summarizing my experiences in a short blog post at times feels daunting. How can I capsulate a once in a lifetime experience in a mere…

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Where I am supposed to be…


I am exactly where I am supposed to be,
Where the happenings of the past have led me.
Every path traveled, every decision made,
Has connected me with this moment, something I cannot trade.
My mind at equilibrium, inspiration doth flow,
A seed of love, where passion and gratitude grow.
With content I am filled, my being is at one,
My soul in tune with the going of the sun.
I thank the earth, for what she has given me,
In this moment, I am at peace, my mind set free.

I wrote the above poem on 25/05/2014, while I was sitting on a beach on Kangaroo Island, S.A, waiting for some of my favourite feathered friends to arrive for the night (little penguins). As I sat there watching the sun in all it’s setting glory I felt myself connecting with the earth and becoming perfectly in tune with the…

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A Stroll in The Park in The Dark


I question
The better
Of me
I want to know
More then
Everyone else
Give wisdom
To those
Who need it most
Share hugs
Give kisses
Fall in love
I know
I am enough

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