The Midnight Stars and YOU

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Jack Nicholson:
Jack Nicholson:
-Jack_Nicholson 1976 “One Flew Over The Coo Coo’s Nest”
Little_Shop_of_Horrors_Nicholson |One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest

The Musts & Must Nots: Body Wash Edition

Wonder Of My Worlds

A must ✔️ according to me.



I don’t know if I only speak for myself, or if others too have that everyday struggle with what’s really good for our skin vs what will harm or damage it. It feels like everyday a new product is shoved in our faces with false hope that we will magically look (and sometimes even promised feel) younger and more vibrant. I have always just used a soap bar until it started drying out my skin and between my friends and family, we have tried every body wash that has come our way. This is where Dr. Bronners Magic soap came in. They say the best things come to us when we aren’t looking and that is true! I was on my most recent little vacation in NYC and since I used airbnb to book my trip, I was staying at someone’s condo. When I…

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Times for ever changing

Sier Wicked Romancer's Persuasive Poetry


Time changes all.. Time is the change of the seasons are the months of a timed changes every day In a month, time is changeing over the years timely on changing every universe as we know the beginning of time..
Times forever confident to change when time changes timeless Change with more times colors of a rose Is the change throughout the pedals of time, changing colors, timeless chages beauties of Love..
Timeless Colors change timeless colored of Red Roses changes time in every Love..
The Rose changes colors of friendship yellow changeless color throughout time..
Confidence love Is timeless colors, of changes, Virgin of a white Rose Its timeless as love changes the heart..
★♡ ★♥ ♡☆ ♥ £♡¥€☆
Time changes colors white changes throughout a timeless passions of virgin Heart now do yellow friends timeless change colors of the timeless friendly Rose..
Roses are the times red changes…

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Baffle Bangalow

Sier Wicked Romancer's Persuasive Poetry


Sire of wickedness romancers answers of a baffling bungalow. Persuasive sediments of blues, Romes architectural designed of baffling bule mooned bungalows. Precise places where beauty of poetic wickedness in poetry, Friars weakness.
Persuasively sheer hourglass petite shapes, a goddess of wikid beauty, sweet sermons of sexual poetry, pheromones aroma’s of my poety. Indulging in persuasive word’s, wickedness induced cheating heart’s failures of Romeo’s marriage. £ove’s beauty singing with wizardrii my license of wickedness to fantasize succulent aromas sucductive of passions in wikid poetry. Throbbing thoughts of seasoned mind’s sharing succulent aroma’s, allows positive proposals sucductive wikiditry due beauty wikiditry due baffling poetry. Seduce Sires’s weakness with chanderlers of lights in beauty, reading & inhaling aroma’s of succulent architectural’s wonder’s a masculinity of my admiration for your convenience wickedness sheer delights of poet’s philosophy pain’s artistry in poetry. Romantic of poetic starts provocative passions more promiscuous of prophets queued theories of…

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Mark Davis Author / Poet

It’s been too long

Alone and weary
I watch and wait
Patient to the end
for you to return
and light to fill the room

A door opens, you’re finally here
Heart racing
Cheeks flushing
Happiness fills me as I race to your side
I hug and kiss you

If I could
I’d give you the moon
I’ll give you my hand
my heart
my soul
You can find all of AM Hardings fantastic poetry and books at :

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Also available at the Apple iBook store.

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A Measure of Self-Worth (Is it like a Pig in a Poke?)

Sunflower Solace Farm

Welcome to Time Travel Tuesday, where I go back to something somewhere on my blog.

A reader’s comment on a post from last week sent my brain into overdrive mode.  Sometimes I pick at things like they are a new bone; gnawing at them, burying it, walking away, going and digging it up to gnaw some more – until I crack it and get to the marrow of the thing. 

Here is an excerpt from the comment that I received:

“…By gauging what you deserve, demonstrates your self-worth…. There, some thoughts to tinker with.”  – PiecesofBipolar

 And so I tinkered.

Authenticity is valued only when one surrounds themselves with those who value that which is authentically you.  When your authenticity destroys the sanctity of others carefully crafted hedges, you become invisible; or worse yet, a liability to be silenced.  We see this clearly throughout history, but it goes…

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Perfect Time

Highway to 5th Heaven


This post is dedicated to a Bright Light, who has been struggling. Gina, this is for you. I pray this post gives you the HOPE to cling to, knowing that what you are going through will pass.

(((HUGS))) Amy

The Rose whispered to me:
“And when the Perfect Time
does arrive
That signals Bloom to begin
It shall.
No amount of
worry, control, tears or fears,
will bring change
to that Perfect Time.”

07 21 14_9500

Photography/Poem 2014©AmyRose

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the only reason for time is so that everything doesn’t happen at once. – albert einstein

I didn't have my glasses on....

longs drugs 1938

stopped by

a local independent pharmacy

with a name that ends in ”II”

even though

they have no store with “I”

after its name


fell into a time warp


i was

in an old five and dime and drug store

both rolled into one

the aspirin

and many other things

looked like

they had been there for ages

with a slight yellow tint to them


were the only ones

left on the shelves

time stood still

in that little store

nothing had changed

in years

it had slipped

through the cracks

and then

i looked closer


 saw the rest


there were

tiny glass animals

 titanic coloring book

wild buck notecards

men’s dress socks

magic tricks

meercat attack animal warning signs

chocolate milk

grill mitts

mermaid activity books

comfortable chairs for waiting at the pharmacy

golden books

necco wafers

animal suction cup toothbrush holders

a metal cigarette box

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The girl that is waiting…


“She is always there
Waiting for you…
But yet…”

There is no certainty when it comes to “love” in real life.
Love in real life is nothing compared to the one in fairy tale
Cherish the person who is always been there for you
Before it’s too late.

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