Blanket life

Peace, Love and Patchouli

I am going to blanket my world
With words of peace
Covered in the softest
Cotton of thoughts.
I am going to blanket the world
In hues of happiness
In brightest joy
In blended bliss.
I am going to blanket my self
In dances of glee
Singing songs of inspiration
Fa la la she merrily hums
Oh what a hymn
To the sky.
I am going to blanket your heart
In whispers of dreams
With thin streams of hopes
That stretch through to your sadness
Threads will be cotton
Thick and petal soft
To weave your emotions
To a higher place
To bring you up to
The light of love.
The warmth will spread to the cold and weary
The cloth will soothe the spirit
Blanket the world
As only we can.

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Till We were Lost

Flowers and Breezes

Daily Prompt: Wrong Turns
When was the last time you got lost? Was it an enjoyable experience, or a stressful one? Tell us all about it.

There are zero chances of getting lost, if you are using Garmin, or Tom Tom. There is still a chance of your going a longer route if you use them, but you can be sure of reaching the correct destination.

There was a time when my son S never used them. He relied on maps.

My husband and I were with Nola (our daughter). She was living in Charlottesville at that time. My sister wanted us to come and stay with her for a while. I promised her that once we spent some time with S in Houston, we will take a flight to New York.

S (along with his family) came by road to take us with him back to Houston. Meanwhile my…

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Life Spice


Into the ocean of love

As I dived in deep

I found that I am not different from you

You are not different from me


Your feelings are as pure as mine

Such as the freshest dew

Your words are always as fresh as mine

Such as the rose new


My eyes are as inquisitive as yours

As if a new-born baby

My smile gains full score as yours

I say yes and you say maybe!


After being so similar

Why didn’t we met before

In spite of being so familiar

Why we kept on moving

Right at the ocean’s shore?


You say to me O dear,

Forget what all happen

For now you are with me

All that was our destiny

We have a long journey together

Come…explore…let’s see…..




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