Earth as a system

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Earth as a system. It considers interaction between
Theatmosphere, Hydrosphere, Lithosphere Geosphere, Biosphere, Heliospher Hemisphere our systems of Earth.. .The integration is
systemic as all Cognitive Sciences, the understanding of Systems; Mechanical system, Electromagnetic, Electronic system, Thermodynamic system;  Family Dynamics,  Solar System(s)…

The fundamental concept of cognitive science is ” high- Level thinking and best being understood in terms of representational structures in the mind as a system on computational procedures that operate on those structures are similar to computational systems. These roots are found throughout science and specialties of science similar to  Cognitive Psychology the structures represent disorders of human from the personaity disorder to the chemical disorder of  the human brain.. The cognitive psychology  of human psychology and represent various states psychologies.

The Human body is a system,  from the central nervous system, Digestive system,  Cardiovascular system,  a system thats understood throughout cocets as a basic principles of all Technology & Sciences and fundamental…

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