Low Fat Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins

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Well I don’t know about you, but I am always happy to see Friday roll around.  For me it means the end of another work week, the  start of another wonderful weekend and it means time for ….Fiesta Friday!!  So come on over and join us at Angie’s place, The Novice Gardener.  We will be cooking and baking up a storm and bringing all kinds of wonderful dishes to try.


This week I am bringing something a little more on the healthy side.  My mom always baked everything with lots of sugar and butter.  I grew up eating her wonderful pies, kolaches, cakes, cinnamon rolls …back then we did not know or think about anything low-fat, gluten-free etc.  It has been hard for me to go from baking the way I was taught, to now trying to bake without sugar and butter …to use sugar substitutes and…

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Another Day

Energize Your Thoughts

Another Day

Another day to be grateful- Someone out there is wishing that they have what you have.

Another day to be thankful- Wishing you have more is great, but being thankful for what you already have is even better.

Another day to be kind- Someone out there would be so appreciative of you just giving them a lending hand.

Another day to give a listening ear- Your listening ear could be what the person needs to get through a challenging day.

Another day to encourage a random person- We don’t know what the person we encounter is going through, so your encouragement could make a world of difference for them.

Another day to remind yourself of how bless you are. Complaining increases negative emotions, so don’t take up the habit.

Another day to go after your dream- No one is going to do it for you, so muster the courage go after what…

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