Food, Water, Electricity, Medicine Needed in Lugansk

Digital Empire

Kiev attacks on Lugansk has cut off the civilian population from food, water, and electricity.  A shortage of medicine and medical services are also very apparent.

Civilians are prevented from fleeing as the Kiev junta continues its wholesale destruction of Eastern Ukraine.  Ukrainians in the Lugansk and Donetsk regions say their family and friends are disappearing one by one.  Utter horror and widespread fear that people are being kidnapped or executed by Kiev Ultranationalists.

Meanwhile, Kiev’s representative to the UN pretends that “There is no humanitarian crisis in Ukraine.”

The humanitarian crisis in Ukraine. Supported by OSCE findings.

smmaug4Civilians being forced to fight for the Kiev Junta.

smmaug4-2Ultranationalists Right Sektor continue to spread fear and intimidation in Odessa. This time at the police headquarters in Odessa.


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I almost broke my neck by doing something nice

Author Mark W Sasse

Clearly being thoughtful and nice is over-rated.

Here’s proof.

I secretly went to get two sketches of the city of Malacca framed for my wife. We bought the beautiful sketches more than a year and a half ago and both had forgot about them. I found them last week and thought it would be a nice gesture to have them framed for her. So I did it.

I surprised her with them on Saturday afternoon, and they were beautifully framed. What a good deed I had done. She was happy. I was happy. But happiness doesn’t last long. Only about 5 minutes, actually.

As I sat across from my glowing wife who was admiring one of the frames, I took off the outer plastic of the other frame and threw it on the ground. As I admired the frame, held it up for my wife, and basked in the glory…

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The Marriage Bells That Didn’t

Dr. Rinaldi's Horror Cabinet

Ding dong the day begins.
I fall out of bed and Pugsy grins
and licks my face; I slurp
around the edges of my dream.
Never mind; my day begins!

Now I know I had my socks
somewhere in these drawers,
but now I notice their scattered
here and there all over the floor;
I find them under stacks of books

nesting by the closet door.
You’d think I’d be cleanlier
and have a maid pick my stuff
up every week and sort it out;
but no, I’m lazy like that,

I’d rather suffer through this
exasperating session everyday
to having someone else befuddled
by my mess look at me puzzling
just how I got this way;

for you see I’m a man, or so
they tell me, who has no wife
and should realize I’m not free
as I like to think I am, you see?
I’m a bonafied bachelor…

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