Sier Wicked Romancer's Persuasive Poetry

Broadcasting worldwide new premier crazy conceptions my lyrics of deception divides and hides the local displays lyics  heards words I speak to display where did words catch phrase 22.  Bringing new ringing rhythms,  pandering time-space wisdom’s a of lyrical widths wider compromises rewording words backwards splits if it’s sets atomic times bits smallest bytes, butts bit test’s gadgets brightest my mega-wrights bits mightiest megabytes perfect bus catch memory isolated gigabytes from Lady Gaga’s, parasites amoebas quick catch the Divas. Pitchforks 3 pitches tuning forks pitches fast octaves lyrical hits mightiest one hit wonders craziest”of loudest thunders blunders Im the wicked wonder concept of craziest spitz splikity splits spitz mightiest peppers a wickedness in spices OBTRICE eats white rice witdths speeds chops stixs eyewitnesses quicker hands my witness Sires’s desires below man in blue Im truest True truthful wit’s stars witness my uniqueness in quickness stands alone nothing needed King’s gestures…

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Good Morning


Your soft whiskers tickled my nose

 as I’m awaken from a dream

that I can’ remember

maybe I don’t remember

you nestle your head against my cheek

I feel you are happy to see me…be with me

you begin to pat my face to make sure I’m fully awake

I begin to smile

you jump from my chest

it was then I realize

all you want is to be fed.

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Loves Powers

Sier Wicked Romancer's Persuasive Poetry


Love powers beyond conceptins of energies the cure, sicked by the very Love’s powers. Devoted Greek gods Heir to the royal chair, Love’s Throne, Seated Queen of Hearts.. Enchanted powers Mystikal spells devoted lives, due Love…

♡★♡FLAME ☆→→→ ☆♡★BURNING★♡★ ☆♥PASSIONS♡★

Conception Love’s very own energies, displays soft beauties romantic, loves power.
Dominance all the power to hold power how we live & forgive Love most powerfull.

♡♥£♡V €♡♥

Powerful Love’s time, eternity its power in love forever, energies of hearts in love dominace of the heart.Power of love ,wickedness the curse of love, living the demise souls empty of Love, emptiness of life, revived Love’s emnsifiied powers.
Kilowatts by the heart, Loves jiggawatts, a preponderance known single if anyone wants a watt…


Never a watch,never a digit, nerver a time, never a who, only a power no mortal to conceive, only the power of Love ,power holds eternity,Powers…

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Vineyard vines

Sier Wicked Romancer's Persuasive Poetry


Sweet red wine call you all the time, virgin fruit Vinyard vines tasty fruity wine from the backyard Vinyard vines, grapes cherished beauty of time. Tastey wine gives time, for fruity red wine,
taste the beauty due tastey time.
Reder the wine longer the time, from the fruity Vinyard backyard vine. Wine In time beautiful sweet tatesy fruity red wine grown backyard vines due tasty red wine. Windows Wines ageless needed tates of time.
Tasty of fruity red wine when due beautiful grapes ripening tasty due time fruity Wines to know….

[ Interconnected ]
★ ↑ ▼ ☆ ▼ ↑☆
☆®O₩N~§ € £ F €º★

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Streaming Worldwide Sentence’s

Sier Wicked Romancer's Persuasive Poetry


Broadcatings this worlds new season’s from last years premier.
Staring four season’s architectural’s premier, a wonder of planet’s fouth seasonal permier. Newest concepts of succulent aroma’s inhaling such tastes of conceived, mind’s conceptual eye’s, watching a premier, before this worldwide broadcast of philosophical lovers premiering of persuasive personality. Philosophy believes the unconditional premiering fowad-looking wonders of Rome’s theatrical dramas mere architectural designs. Rome the theater’s cathedrals of world’s architectural craziest conceptuals designs.
Spheres asermetrical sunset’s abstracts lighting premier, roam around through & around a dance praise of wikid song’s prancing parades of the masquerading . Pair of dice rolls “snake eye’s”, shitlers swift speeds faster speeds inpeed the primer.
The misfortunes of wicked pasts awaking, historical new beginnings of bright memories, flames burning passions concives no conceptual tales of romantical tallest tales to tell. To conceive crystals ball’s gaze of sheer wonder, due believe peering a gaze to wonder. Persuasiveness…

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Sier Wicked Romancer's Persuasive Poetry


Time ever the time everytime timeless by the time. Two hands clicking the second of every time display two hands of time click clock it’s time Cuckoo by o’clock..
The time right by the timing the right away a time to be forever timeless..

Due time to be, time very modern times time card counting the time working past the second a time ago a future hear clicking that’s time to see it’s the time of now presents by the very second history by a time of very past a second ago..

Due time to heal all a time to heal, teller who marks a fortune when or if ever a time of good fortune never the time of misfortune..
The history of an error; the times of an era, were very timely, as past times, judgment time, discipline giving time to serve..
Timeless by a devotion of time futuristic…

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Poets pain

Sier Wicked Romancer's Persuasive Poetry


Pain it’s a poet artistry time starts seasons pain, blame, grief or fame it’s only the art of pain a poet’s…

Spirits pains reasons ever start the poet begins with a start in a season of pain. 
Beautiful seasons of pain beautiful pain of poetic poetry reading poetry  In pain subsides change of seasons starts..
Mays Pain Summers afield of pain poetic of the poetry in pain becomes the seasons with reasons, poetic to pain, no reason to have any other pain for the poet it’s the beginnings of a seasonal greetings in pain… Beginning a pain philosophical of the poetry, philosophical poetry of pain by the poets in the seasons of the reasons, pain has every reason..

Pain has the seasons with the reasoning of a pain, reasonable 2 people in pain, love never a pain, just  seasons of reasons to feel pain for the poet the pain begins…

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Go for Amazing !

Sier Wicked Romancer's Persuasive Poetry


Go for life of the amazing if you want it, choose what you see, be much more . Around in the night underneath the street lamp’s light, sing the songs stay up late, watch the great film, gaze at the night sky. Waiting for you is more than the nearest window its an entire planets four seasons.. Film due premier tonight’s broadcast tomorrow’s primer, where the sky end’s night begins today is the future of tomorrow.. Seasons of yesterday’s reason. Four Seasons never the reason it’s only a planet’s four seasons underneath night skies the lamp’s a star’s light ,think of the songs to pray, due skies & sigh you laugh, & cry disagree to love unconditional.
Agreement of a disagreement unconditionally, question the question of you. I’ve played left you turn right, the hardest in love a man of science..The artist of arts scientific yet creative never could have…

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