Supermoon, Supertide

Travels with the Blonde Coyote

Good morning, Cape Perpetua! Good morning, Cape Perpetua!

Overlooking the tide pools at Cape Perpetua Overlooking the tide pools at Cape Perpetua

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Karen at the Ends of the Earth

Tide Pool D.O.G. Tide Pool D.O.G.

Starfish Party Starfish Party

Drama Seastar

Huge mussels Huge Mussels!

Anemone Pool Anemone Pool

Anemone Self Portrait Anemone Self Portrait

Sand & Fog Sand & Fog

Scattered Light Scattered Light

Rays Ring of Bright Water

Seaweed Palms Seaweed Palms

Superlow tide at Cook's Chasm Superlow tide at Cook’s Chasm

Seaspray Salt Seaspray Salt

Seaweed Seaweed

Bridge over Cook's Chasm Bridge over Cook’s Chasm

Dio on the Edge Dio on the Edge

Psychedelic Anenome Psychedelic Anemone*

Urchin Urchin*

Slug Slug*

* These last three shots were taken in the touch me tide pools at the Hatfield Marine Science Center in Newport, Oregon.

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Global warming – Tell me about it

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Global_Warming_by_audunellernoWhat is global warming? What is it doing to our planet? Are we really responsible for global warming?

I’ve had this conversation many times with friends, colleagues, family and yet, answers don’t cease to surprise me. According to wikipedia, Global warming is the unequivocal and continuing rise in the average temperature of Earth’s climate system. This causes several types of consequences such as temperature changes, extreme weather, melting of ice, decrease of water resources and even climate refugees (which I will talk about in another post someday…). The majority of people agrees with this definition.

So, what are the causes? Are we to be blamed? Well, it is here that opinions get divided.

Some of the people I’ve spoken to say that this is not due to human action. They say that the earth has had many phases in its cycle, such as ice age and others, and this is just another phase. Even…

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Fire Safety Experts Warn That Bad Habits At Home Could End In Tragedy

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Beware of overloaded powerstrips

Cracks In Davis Pool Leaking 7,000 Gallons Of Water A Day During Drought « CBS Sacramento

Cracks In Davis Pool Leaking 7,000 Gallons Of Water A Day During Drought « CBS Sacramento.

Pool Leaking
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City engineers deciding whether to destroy it permanently, or spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to build a new pool.

Dining out in San Fransisco?

Bonjour, Monsieur Benjamin:

Chef Corey Lee’s new Hayes Valley French FIVE STAR restaurant is one for all occasions!

A place where you can get steak tartare and Camembert beignets until 1 a.m.? Sign us up. Here’s why you’ll find us at Monsieur Benjamin at all hours.

Sample a couple of petit plats, snack-size portions that go nicely with the restaurant’s concise cocktail list. In the Camembert beignets ($7 for six), the buttery, rich cheese is folded into the dough and the delicate fried squares are sprinkled liberally with dried cep mushroom powder. Deeply savory, they were the perfect foil to the refreshing, rum-based Pass the Hat ($11) with Aperol, fino sherry, Bonal and lime.

And if you need a late-night bite after one too many at Smuggler’s Cove, snag a corner table and indulge in the burger and frites ($18.50) or Monsieur Benjamin’s take on a French dip ($18.50)—they’re open until 1 a.m. nightly, making them a top contender for (relatively) late-night grub in the city.

Of course, you may want a multicourse meal of French classics, like pâté de campagne ($14.50) and a textbook steak frites ($36). The bavette steak has a gorgeous ruby-hued interior, herby jus, buttery sauce choron and a pile of thin-cut fries that you may not be able to stop eating.

Our favorite dishes showcase modern techniques and surprising ingredients that subtly show the chef’s sleight of hand. It’s seen in the steak tartare ($16.50), dotted with golden egg yolks, as well as cornichon, parsley, chives and white flecks of dried Wagyu beef fat, giving the plate an appearance of a messy painter’s palate.

The real coup de grâce is the life-changing lobster ragout ($32), a carryover from Benu: Freshly made spaghetti is topped with an ample amount of sweet, fresh lobster, simmered in a bacony sauce with a touch of heat, thanks to Korean pepper paste.

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