Grand Opening in San Francisco!

Join us for their latest shop Grand Opening on Market Street in San Francisco! We’ll have free samples, games, prizes and a ribbon cutting ceremony. Come out and join them! Featured image

How Many Sunsets?

Rich Proctor Photography

How Many Sunsets
How many sunsets
Has this tree seen
From it’s lonely perch
High upon the bluff?
How much beauty?
How much grandeur?
Would 100 hundred years
Ever really be enough?
~ RBP ~

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A Tent in the Great Outdoors – On Fire, More’s the Pity.

Bloodstone Sci Fi


In my last Exciting Adventures in the Wilderness post (“Two Creeks in our Wilderness, Both Annually Drying Up!”), I finished with Greg set fire to the tent – The whole point of a tent was to keep us dry and protected from whatever wildlife might come snooping around at night, insects more than animals, but animals, too – nothing wrong with wanting to sleep soundly and unbitten, especially when you don’t know exactly what might be out there.

The caravan was to provide us with a twin office and a kitchen of sorts. It was there to protect our computers and also to provide a work station where I could write science fiction while acting as Land Manager and Guard Dog over our camp. As we couldn’t run to two caravans, that meant our bedroom had to be elsewhere. A tent it was.

So, we ripped out the bed that…

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Art Gallery Graffiti.


Subatomic Tourism

"Hey you're supposed to be the fastest thing in the Valley man, but that can't be your car. It must be your mama's car! I'm sorta' embarrassed to be this close to ya!" “Hey you’re supposed to be the fastest thing in the Valley man, but that can’t be your car. It must be your mama’s car! I’m sorta’ embarrassed to be this close to ya!”

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Pedro Vivas & Guillem Ramos Gil at Marbella Skatepark!



It is always fun to spend time taking photos of these two.

Pedro Vivas and Guillem Ramos Gil doing another skate session at Marbellaskatepark in Barcelona.


barcelona skatepark_ photos

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Skating Away by LiorY


I took this shot from Svolvaer bridge.
It’s a long exposure shot and the thin layer of ice that was there in the early morning was moving hence the kind of a blur feeling of them.
The title is from Jethro Tull song- “Skating Away On The Thin Ice Of The New Day”-love that song.

I recently launched My Facebook Page


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