Toronto: Bill Murray Day Ends With a Bang at ‘St. Vincent’ Premiere

Bill Murray took part in a celebration of himself on Friday, as the Toronto Film Festival as he announced that Sept. 5 would be commemorated as “Bill Murray Day.”

Events planned for the day include screenings of his iconic movies such as Ghostbusters and Groundhog Day followed by the world premiere of his latest film, St. Vincent, according to theHollywood Reporter. The tribute to the iconic comedian and actor will also feature a Bill Murray costume contest in the evening. 1386962606unnamed (4)

To start the day …. “Laws of Eternity”!!

It Is What It Is


~~September 6, 2014~~

To any new reader and to those who stop by this “spot” regularly, I always write my last post as “At the end of the day” …. last night was no exception. And I always start posting as “To start the day” ….

A very dear friend and reader stopped by last night and left an incredible comment that I knew I needed to share as the “To start the day” post this morning. 

First and foremost I need to thank yathzeebutterfly who left this wonderful message last night:

“Earth is a very small stage in a vast cosmic arena.

It’s a blue dot suspended in a sunbeam.

Amazing to consider all that is the Universe!

So much beauty in Nature just on this blue dot!”


~~The Laws of Eternity by Tashunka Witko~~

Kanal von CanteOhitikaHoksila

~~Uploaded on Mar 13, 2011~~

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If One Has Not Love (5 MACROS)


Highway to 5th Heaven

One could have all riches
that one could possibly want

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