FWC Votes To Ban Breeding Of Lionfish

KISSIMMEE (CBSMiami/AP) – Florida wildlife officials have banned the breeding of lionfish in the state as a last ditch effort to eradicate the invasive species.

Lionfish are a non-native, invasive species of fish that have no natural predators in the Atlantic. Experts have stated the fish is a menace to the native wildlife.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission voted on Wednesday to ban the breeding of lionfish in captivity, which takes effect in December.

Officials at the meeting in Kissimmee did make an exception for researchers studying lionfish population control.

The ban on breeding comes after the FWC implemented several measures to tame the lionfish dilemma.

First, officials encouraged fishermen to harvest the predatory fish. When encouragement was not enough to raise interest, they waived the required license needed to hunt the lionfish.

The fast-breeding monster expanded their territory into deeper waters, which was became a hassle for divers harvesting the fish.

“We are capable of doing a good job of controlling lionfish at diveable depths, in shallower areas. Divers and spearfishers can go in and remove the fish. But the lionfish are abundant in large numbers at these deeper habitats, and that’s really where the next frontier of this battle is going to be, in those deep water areas,” Stephanie Green said.

In order to give divers and fishermen the upper hand, the FWC launched the Report Florida Lionfish app.

The app included information on the invasive species, safe handling guidelines and a data reporting form so that more harvesters knew exactly where to go.

“They pretty much have been unprecedented in anymarine invasion. It’s the largest, the quickest, the most extensive marine invasion we’ve ever seen,” said Nova Southeastern University’s Matthew Johnston.

When hunting the predator was not enough, the FWC banned the import of the fish.

The commission’s executive director hopes that this new restriction will help the native wildlife.

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13 Essential Stories About Sept. 11- Portraits of Resillience


I passionately believe utilizing power over the mind through affirmations can be life changing. I scribble my affirmations in a journal as a reminder of my passion for inspiration. IMG_0518Affirmations gain their power from repetition. The more they are repeated the more they impact and shape realities. Let go of all distractions. Be fully present. Feel the emotions. Find relaxation. Allow inspiration to consume you. Open your heart to the affirmations as wholesome and true. Courtesy of http://findingmyinnercourage.wordpress.com/

TIME has won an Emmy award for its groundbreaking website, “Beyond 9/11: Portraits of Resilience“, in the category of “New Approaches to News and Documentary Programming.”

beyond 9/11 screengrab

The award was given Monday evening at the News & Documentary Emmy Awards to honor TIME’s multimedia project marking the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, which featured interviews with the survivors, first responders and world leaders who took part in that fateful day.

The heart of the project was the photography of Marco Grob, whose portraits formed the center of the work. TIME Director of Photography Kira Pollack served as executive producer.

The The 9/11: Portraits of Resilience project also appeared as a special issue, a film documentary, a book and a photo exhibition. But the website is “perhaps the purest expression of what we attempted to accomplish,” said TIME Managing Editor Rick Stengel. “It’s very gratifying that it was recognized and I want to first of all pay tribute to the brave men and women who suffered through the terrible events of 9/11 and then shared their stories with us.   
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Scenes from the Second Seat on the Right

Wednesday,  10:00pm
Jeff and Sandi

Jeff: Are going to go to work tomorrow?

Sandi: I don’t know. You?

Jeff: I doubt it.

Sandi: Jet lag’s a bitch. It was fun though, right?

Jeff: (smiling) I had the best time ever.

They kiss.

Sandi: So, do we have to go back to pretending?

Jeff: We don’t have a choice.

Sandi: (nodding) It sucks.

Jeff: Believe me, I’d love to yell ‘I love this woman!’ from the rooftops.

Sandi nods and squeezes his hand.

Sandi: I’m thinking about quitting.

Jeff: NO! You can’t quit. If anyone should it’s me.

Sandi: (laughing) Riiight. You can’t quit and you know it.

Jeff: Yeah. Would you do that for me? I mean, I’m not asking you to do it, but would you?

Sandi: (looks into his eyes) I’d do anything for you. You know that.

They kiss for a while.

Jeff: My stop’s coming up.

Sandi: Want me to get off with you?

Jeff: Better not. We both need a good night’s sleep.

Sandi: (sighs) Yeah, I guess you’re right. Call me in the morning.

Jeff: (kisses her) Sure thing. Good night, Miss Fantasia.

Sandi: Good night Reverend Fisher.

Next stop Thursday September 11th, 8:00am Courtesy of http://lindaghillfiction.com/2014/09/10/10-scenes-from-the-second-seat-on-the-right/