Sea Scallops with Cous Cous & Spinach

Foodie on a Dime

This is coming a little late since, well, I’ve eaten all of it, and yesterday I planned and did my shopping for the upcoming week (starting today), but it’s been a crazy week and I wanted to save the most epic meal for last.

This was definitely the best dinner of the lot for weeks 25 & 26. Honestly though, it wasn’t a fair contest. Sea scallops win EVERY TIME. Pretty much by default. That is, unless you overcook them and they get all rubbery. Don’t do that.

The recipe for the scallops came from Annie’s Eats (here’s the original). When I had some surplus budget, I decided I wanted some scallops, did some digging and landed on this recipe. So yummy. Like, melt-in-your-mouth, roll back your eyes yummy.

On scallops: buy them fresh from a serious, legitimate fish market. Here in Richmond my go-to place is Yellow…

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What would look good in your living room?

 Digital Art

What would look good in your living room? 

Born in France and now based in New York, Curioos started out as a simple Tumblr blog curating digital artists. After amassing hundreds of thousands of followers, the team jumped on the opportunity to let all these artists sell their work. 

Several of these images are handouts provided by Bing