Las Vegas Neon Museum – cool vintage signs Part 1

From Bluerock

IMG_5268_2What fun! I’m a typography nut & this place was SO COOL. I took about 170 pics of vintage Las Vegas signage at the Neon Museum on Monday. I’ve trimmed the 1st installment down to just a few.

Most of the photos on my blog have so far been taken with my iPhone 3GS (the first edition of the iPhone). I quit being so lazy and took a real camera with me when we went to Las Vegas. These pics were taken with a little Canon G10. (with the exception of the La Concha Motel image below).

Our tour guide was a woman in her 50’s who was born and raised near downtown Las Vegas. She had a wealth of knowledge about the manufacture and the refurbishing of these great old signs. She grew up around these signs when they were still being used and had many back-stories to tell…

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