Submit comments to USFWS to list lions as “Endangered”

Great Cats of the "World"


The Purpose of this Event is to get as Many names as possible to Submit their comments to the US Fish and Wildlife Service , asking them to List the Lions as Endangered ~ banning Imports of Lion Trophies to the USA.
There is less then 90 days to do this, So Please JOIN and SHARE this EVENT on every Page  or Website/Blog you belong. This has to Spread Quickly in order for this Event to have had any impact at all on the Future of The African Lion.
Please Come Together for this………….  ~ Greatcatsofthe”World”

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Don’t Worry, It Will Be Ok


children withdrawn

Don’t worry, things will be ok”

“Things will work out how they are supposed to”

“You’ll be fine”

Common phrases we all use and hear every day of our lives.   When someone we know is going through a difficult time, health issues, family issues, work issues, school.. whatever an individual is struggling with, we tell them the same thing.  Often we use these phrases as our attempt to reassure or make them feel better that things will indeed be alright.

These phrases can carry great comfort to an individual when used in conjunction with a conversation proceeding such a statement.  Conversely the opposite is true when it is our first response.

Have you ever truly given thought to what the other person was feeling?  saying?  thinking? or in our rush to make them feel better we use one of the above lines with no apparent thought and negate any help…

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