Ontario’s endangered species get their day in court

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Endangered American Eel. Endangered American Eel.

LAWYERS ACTING ON BEHALF of the Ontario government told the courts last month that Ontario’s endangered species legislation is now only concerned with the most dire of species listed under the law.

The Woodland Caribou; the American Eel; the Blanding’s Turtle — these and more than 150 other species currently listed as endangered in Ontario will only receive the full weight of government support when they teeter on the brink of local extinction.

So much for our “gold standard” Endangered Species Act.

In September 2013, lawyers from Ecojustice announced Ontario Nature and CPAWS Wildlands League were suing Kathleen Wynne’s government over allegedly violating the Endangered Species Act. They claimed the Liberals had gutted the legislation’s environmental protections in favour of industry. Moreover, they allege the government failed to properly consider on a species-by-species basis how changes brought into effect in July 2013 would affect the province’s…

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Mercury levels on the rise in Hawaiian yellowfin tuna

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Mercury concentrations in tuna are increasing by nearly four percent a year, according to a new University of Michigan-led study, which suggests rising atmospheric levels of toxin are to blame.

Researchers came to this conclusion using the findings from three previously published reports, which studied yellowfin tuna caught near Hawaii in 1971, 1998 and 2008. In the studies, scientists tested the tuna’s muscle tissues, finding that nearly all of the mercury they detected was the toxic methylmercury.

As part of their reexamination of these studies, scientists included yellowfin tuna between 48 and 167 pounds and used a computer model that controlled for the effect of body size.

Screen Shot 2015-02-03 at 7.03.57 AM

In total, data from 229 fish was analyzed: One hundred and eleven from 1971, 104 from 1998 and 14 from 2008. The researchers found that mercury concentrations in the yellowfin tuna did not change between the 1971 and 1998 datasets. However, concentrations were…

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Colorado Oil And Gas Task Force Weighs Disclosure Of Fracking Chemicals

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DENVER (AP) — Gov. John Hickenlooper’s task force on oil and gas discussed proposals Monday that would force energy companies to disclose all the chemicals they use in hydraulic fracturing and give local governments more of a say on where wells can be drilled.

The task force is winnowing down a list of 56 suggestions from members before making its recommendations to Hickenlooper on Feb. 27 on ways to resolve disputes over local control and landowner rights.

The 21-member panel hasn’t taken any final votes, and it wasn’t yet clear whether the proposals on chemicals and local government would be among its final suggestions.

When Colorado’s oil and gas industry was booming, residents complained as drilling rigs and hydraulic fracturing wells edged close to homes. Hickenlooper has said the state has final say over whether and where wells are drilled, but a number of communities attempted to limit or ban…

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The End of the Barnett Shale? Recent Earthquakes and an Epic Fault Line May Erode Enthusiasm for Further Fracking in Dallas County

Emilio Cogliani

A 2.4 magnitude earthquake ushered in the New Year near the old Texas Stadium in Irving, TX. The event was yet one more in a series of frequent seismic episodes to rattle Dallas County residents.

The area surrounding the old Texas Stadium site is the epicenter for the majority of Dallas County Earthquakes occurring since November 2014. Photo Credit: Vernon Bryant, Dallas Morning News

Then, eleven earthquakes hit Irving five days later on January 6th and another quake struck the same area at 1 a.m. on the 7th. Notably, the twelve tremors over just 24 hours followed five earthquakes occurring over four days in late November, the largest of which was felt by many tens of thousands of residents. The old Texas Stadium is located at the intersection of Highways 114 and 183 in Irving, TX, about three miles west of Dallas Love Field Airport.

2015-01-29-DMNStaffGraphicSourceUSGS.jpgThirteen earthquakes strike Dallas County…

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