Acoustic survey tracks whale population trends along the coast of Southern California

Originally posted on Summit County Citizens Voice:
Naval training exercises off the coast of California could pose a threat to endangered marine mammals. Blue whale numbers holding steady; fin whales increasing Staff Report FRISCO — A new acoustic survey in Southern California coastal waters is helping researchers track whale populations. The data analyzed by the Scripps…

Our rainforests are home to millions of species. We must preserve them for future generations.

Dear Friends, Since our last newsletter, we celebrated Earth Day with Almond Trees donated by generous sloth fans from around the globe, updated our Buttercup Inn guest rooms and welcomed popular animal and nature conservationist Jeff Corwin, who was enchanted by our rescued baby sloths!Speaking of which, we’ve rescued a record number of orphaned infantsContinue reading “Our rainforests are home to millions of species. We must preserve them for future generations.”

Vaquita population may be down to 50

Originally posted on Summit County Citizens Voice:
Illegal fishing drives species toward extinction A vaquita in the Gulf of California. Photo courtesy NOAA/Paula Olsen. Vaquitas live only in the northern end of the Gulf of California, where they are threatened by illegal fishing. By Bob Berwyn FRISCO — Illegal gillnet fishing in the northern Gulf…

I don’t know if you’re hurting t-day. E’en so, His love can light the way. We’re each on our own unique pathway. Some are so broken they’ve no will to stay. Don’t highlight the faults of others you see. They have their own reasons for defeat. Just allow Him to, help, guide – strengthen you.Continue reading

Even Though We’ve Lived Apart (A Tribute To My Father)

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A tribute to my father today. A man who raised four children as a widower. How he kept it together we’ll never comprehend. And even although we are scattered around the world now, the influence of this wonderful man keeps as all together… So here’s a poem I found. Even though…

Animal Sanctuary: Real or Fake?

How Can I Tell If An Animal Sanctuary Is Genuine, Or If They Are Taking Advantage Of Animals?! There a many people across the world that put the safety and care of endangered animals above themselves. A great animal sanctuary’s first concern is always to the animal, making sure they are happy, healthy, and thatContinue reading “Animal Sanctuary: Real or Fake?”

Asbestos Tradgedy in Big Sky Country

. Welcome to Libby, Montana, population 2,691. In many ways, Libby is like any other small town. It sits nestled between bits of national forest, it has a train station and a few schools (go Loggers!), and for many years its economy was supported by the nearby logging and mining operations. But in other ways, Libby isContinue reading “Asbestos Tradgedy in Big Sky Country”

Sink Holes: Buried Alive

 More Recent Sinkhole Activity: Sinkhole Threats are Rising. In a leafy suburb near Tampa, Florida, on February 28, 2013, a giant hole opened up under the bedroom floor of Jeffrey Bush, swallowing him as he slept. His body was never found. Bush was a victim of a sinkhole—a worldwide hazard that lurks wherever limestone and otherContinue reading “Sink Holes: Buried Alive”

This solar powered floating farm can produce 20 tons of vegetables every day

From design practice, Forward Thinking Architecture, come a set of modular floating farms that harvest sunlight and rainwater, as well as desalinate saltwater and grow thousands of tons of vegetables ever year. Inspired by Chinese floating fish farms, these rectangular units measure 200×350 meters and can connect with other modules via walkways.  The usage ofContinue reading “This solar powered floating farm can produce 20 tons of vegetables every day”

The Dept of Fisheries launches a “Shark Monitoring Program” to make the Ocean Safer for Humans

Australia: The worlds Deadliest Shark Coast. The “Great White Shark” is the most deadly of the oceans predators. The Shark Investigation Team works on making the deadly seas safer for humans. The Dept of Fisheries launches an extensive “Shark Monitoring Program” The Western Australia  (Full Documentary) Deadly Shark Attacks . shark documentary documentary (Nature Documentary) DeadlyContinue reading “The Dept of Fisheries launches a “Shark Monitoring Program” to make the Ocean Safer for Humans”