Cutest Critters Ever: Tarsier

This week we’ve been revisiting our favorite critters from the deeply unsettling to the funny-looking. But today we’re getting cute, with critters that include a snake that can curl up on a quarter and a mammal that may have been the inspiration for Yoda. So enough with all the maiming and parasitizing (for now): These areContinue reading “Cutest Critters Ever: Tarsier”

Canadians kidnapped in the Philippines: Here’s what you need to know

Why two Canadians were kidnapped from a resort area in the southern Philippines Monday, and by whom, is still unknown. But the area of the Philippines where the abduction took place has a long history of armed violence. Source: Canadians kidnapped in the Philippines: Here’s what you need to know

Baby fox completely tangled in football net set free

This poor fox cub was almost strangled in a football net. He struggled a lot and ended up with the net tightly wrapped all around his body. All of this could have been avoided by, simply, rolling up the net or putting it away.  Thanks to the gentleman who spotted him so quickly, the cubContinue reading “Baby fox completely tangled in football net set free”

Acoustic survey tracks whale population trends along the coast of Southern California

Originally posted on Summit County Citizens Voice:
Naval training exercises off the coast of California could pose a threat to endangered marine mammals. Blue whale numbers holding steady; fin whales increasing Staff Report FRISCO — A new acoustic survey in Southern California coastal waters is helping researchers track whale populations. The data analyzed by the Scripps…

Baby sloth advocates for a new park via Conservation International (CI) This baby sloth is advocating for the creation of a park in the Paramaribo, Suriname! The park would be a safe haven for sloths and other animals, and would also provide ecotourism opportunities. Monique Pool, founder of Green Heritage Fun Suriname, rescued many sloths after an area of forest within Paramaribo was cut down.Continue reading “Baby sloth advocates for a new park via Conservation International (CI)”

The Craziest Stuff People Tried to Sneak Onto Airplanes This Year

Originally posted on Deepak verma:
We may shake our heads at the TSA’s antics from time to time , but the men and women holding you up at airport security are actually dealing with some pretty scary prospects. Like loaded firearms. And grenades. And daggers. And for whatever reason, a hell of a lot of…