Disturbing Video Shows Sloth Clinging To Tree As Loggers Chop It Down — A Sweet Dose of Reality

 In many places, taking photos with animals is a lucrative business, especially in areas with a lot of tourism. But, have you ever thought about how those animals end up in the “selfie-taking business” in the first place, or how high their quality of living could be? The people featured in the video are illegal loggers.Continue reading “Disturbing Video Shows Sloth Clinging To Tree As Loggers Chop It Down — A Sweet Dose of Reality”

Happy Sloth Day via Tico Times

Happy International Sloth Day!!!! A wonderful day to celebrate my favorite animal!!!! So proud of all the hard work Becky Naomi Cliffe @ Sloth Sanctuary, Costa Rica has done to research how to reintroduce orphaned, hand raised sloths. See More: http://beckycliffe.com/sloth-science-2015/ Related: My battle with Leishmaniasis: a flesh-eating parasite By: Becky Radcliffe In my second year at the UniversityContinue reading “Happy Sloth Day via Tico Times”

Sloths hold the secret to disease-free living.

Sloths are an environmentally self-contained eco-system.  Randy – a wild sloth that broke his arm after fighting with another male and falling 60ft from his tree. He had titanium plates screwed into his arm to hold the bones together, and was later released into the wild. Unfortunately, 8 months later the same incident happened again, onlyContinue reading “Sloths hold the secret to disease-free living.”