The “Driest place on Earth” is covered in pink flowers after rain

The Atacama Desert in Chile, known as the driest place on Earth, is awash with color after a year’s worth of extreme rainfall. In an average year, this desert is a very dry place. Arica, Chile, in the northern Atacama holds the world record for the longest dry streak, having gone 173 months without aContinue reading “The “Driest place on Earth” is covered in pink flowers after rain”

Chile’s Thunderstorm

CHILE’S THUNDERSTORM IS THE MESMERIZING RESULT OF VOLCANIC CHAOS The video below, filmed by Chilean cinematographer Christian Muñoz-Donoso reveals the super-charged volcanic ash cloud appeared during an eruption at Volcán Calbuco, one of Chile’s most dangerous volcanos, earlier this year. According to BBC Earth, dirty thunderstorms, also known as volcanic lightning, are rare phenomena that occur duringContinue reading “Chile’s Thunderstorm”

See Chile’s Villarrica Volcano Light Up the Night Sky

The active volcano glows through the night The Villarrica Volcano in southern Chile is the most active volcano in South America. In March the volcano, which is located near the tourist resort Pucon, erupted and caused thousands of people to evacuate. This photograph was taken May 10, and depicts the view of the volcano fromContinue reading “See Chile’s Villarrica Volcano Light Up the Night Sky”