4 Athletes Who Love Their Mom

1. J.J Watt

Watt loves his mom, he just bough her a brand new car for her birthday. That’s Love.View image on TwitterWatt loves his mom, he just bough her a brand new car for her birthday. That’s Love.

3. Jeremy Lin


Picture on Instagram of Jeremy himself dunking on his mother. It’s cute, it’s love.

4. Michael Vick

Well, Vick was sweet and promised to by his mother Brenda Boddie a house but then was indicted on state and federal dogfighting charges. Before going to prison, Vick declared bankruptcy and he was unable to afford the mortgage payment on his mother’s home, the house had to be put up for sale.

5. LeBron James

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Weekly Financial Solutions

On a lighter note, James bought his mom a Porsche as a surprise birthday present. Buying your mom a car equals love.

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Loves Powers

Sier Wicked Romancer's Persuasive Poetry


Love powers beyond conceptins of energies the cure, sicked by the very Love’s powers. Devoted Greek gods Heir to the royal chair, Love’s Throne, Seated Queen of Hearts.. Enchanted powers Mystikal spells devoted lives, due Love…

♡★♡FLAME ☆→→→ ☆♡★BURNING★♡★ ☆♥PASSIONS♡★

Conception Love’s very own energies, displays soft beauties romantic, loves power.
Dominance all the power to hold power how we live & forgive Love most powerfull.

♡♥£♡V €♡♥

Powerful Love’s time, eternity its power in love forever, energies of hearts in love dominace of the heart.Power of love ,wickedness the curse of love, living the demise souls empty of Love, emptiness of life, revived Love’s emnsifiied powers.
Kilowatts by the heart, Loves jiggawatts, a preponderance known single if anyone wants a watt…


Never a watch,never a digit, nerver a time, never a who, only a power no mortal to conceive, only the power of Love ,power holds eternity,Powers…

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The girl that is waiting…


“She is always there
Waiting for you…
But yet…”

There is no certainty when it comes to “love” in real life.
Love in real life is nothing compared to the one in fairy tale
Cherish the person who is always been there for you
Before it’s too late.

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