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One of my best friends lives in Seattle and we’re both pretty much stuck on a health kick.  She cooks and bakes and has actually begun recording a lot of her recipes.  Since I’m here visiting, I thought I’d feature some these (with her permission, of course).

She wanted me to note that she doesn’t always measure out the ingredients and kind of just feels out the amounts, but here’s one recipe to get you started:

Homemade Power-Bars


15-20 dates

1-2 tbs coconut oil

1/4 – 1/2 cup almond butter

2tbs chia seed*

2tbs hemp seeds*

2tbs flax seeds*

2tbs goji berries*

2tbs shredded coconut*

*these ingredients are recommended, but their quantities can be altered and other ingredients can be substituted

20140805-213601-77761361.jpg the spread


Blend dates in a food processor, then mix other dry ingredients in a medium mixing bowl

Spread out in a glass tray or storage container…

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The Musts & Must Nots: Body Wash Edition

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A must ✔️ according to me.



I don’t know if I only speak for myself, or if others too have that everyday struggle with what’s really good for our skin vs what will harm or damage it. It feels like everyday a new product is shoved in our faces with false hope that we will magically look (and sometimes even promised feel) younger and more vibrant. I have always just used a soap bar until it started drying out my skin and between my friends and family, we have tried every body wash that has come our way. This is where Dr. Bronners Magic soap came in. They say the best things come to us when we aren’t looking and that is true! I was on my most recent little vacation in NYC and since I used airbnb to book my trip, I was staying at someone’s condo. When I…

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