How to snorkel with sharks without a cage! – Oahu, Hawaii

    Ellie / 11 hours ago  Sharks are often misunderstood because of Hollywood’s interpretation of them – think Jaws and Snarknado.  One Ocean Diving is a research facility who is trying to change the perception of these gentle giants.  If dolphins are like the dogs of the ocean, sharks would be cats.  Their personality isContinue reading “How to snorkel with sharks without a cage! – Oahu, Hawaii”

Oh God They Made Shark’s Teeth Into an Actual Saw Blade

Originally posted on Deepak verma:
It’s every swimmer, surfer, and slow fish’s greatest fear, but to understand just how deadly a shark’s bite can be, researchers at Cornell University wanted to study the cutting power of various sharks’ teeth. So they did what any mad scientist would: build a saw blade covered in shark’s teeth,…