A super blue blood moon is coming!

A super blue blood moon is coming! 6d ago astronomy Blue Moon lunar eclipse nasa supermoon (CNN/WAVY) – There are supermoons. There are blood moons. There are also blue moons. Depending on where you are on January 31, you will be able to see all three in one! A supermoon occurs when the full moonContinue reading “A super blue blood moon is coming!”

Supermoon, Supertide

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Good morning, Cape Perpetua! Overlooking the tide pools at Cape Perpetua Karen at the Ends of the Earth Tide Pool D.O.G. Starfish Party Seastar Huge Mussels! Anemone Pool Anemone Self Portrait Sand & Fog Scattered Light Ring of Bright Water Seaweed Palms Superlow tide at Cook’s Chasm…