Every Black Hole Contains Another Universe, Claims New Study

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In modern science, the prevailing opinion supposes that whatever falls into a black hole disappears forever and breaks apart into the component parts. However, a new theory states that black holes do not destroy the matter but rather are a kind of exit gate which lead to other universes just…

Mars Rover Opportunity Suffers Worrying Bouts of ‘Amnesia’

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Problems with NASA’s Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity‘s flash memory have intensified over recent weeks, so Discovery News Space Producer Ian O’Neill spoke with NASA Project Manager John Callas about the severity of the glitches, how they’re affecting Opportunity’s mission and how his team hope to find a fix. http://news.discovery.com/space/mars-rover-opportunity-suffers-worrying-bouts-of-amnesia-141229.htm

Time Travel Explained. How to Travel Long Distances though Space, AKA: “PORTALS IN TIME”

Ever wonder how 1 second can equal = 100 years? The distinctions between PAST, PRESENT & FUTURE are merely an illusion. HOW ALIENS TRAVEL HUGE DISTANCES explains the Portals in time concept..!! Check it out:  HOW ALIENS TRAVEL HUGE DISTANCES