Claim: Fungus Can Help Plants Tolerate Heat

Watts Up With That? This is a photograph of Morning Glory Pool from Aug. 23, 2012.CreditJoseph Shaw, Montana State University Guest essay by Eric Worrall Scientists studying mechanisms by which plants growing in hot geothermal soils like Yellowstone National Park tolerate extreme heat, claim they have discovered symbiotic fungi which impart significant heat tolerance toContinue reading “Claim: Fungus Can Help Plants Tolerate Heat”

Baby Koalas have Loads of Spunk..!!

For more information or for request of video use please contact; Kevin Fallon Marketing and Creative Services Manager | Symbio Wildlife Park, Sydney +61 2 4294 1244 photoshoot and, as this viral video shows, the 10-month-old joey was a total pro in front of the camera. Look at those angles! The dynamism! The poise!Continue reading “Baby Koalas have Loads of Spunk..!!”