Urban Farming

What is urban farming? 60m ago Agriculture earth Environment Farming Gardening Urban farming is when traditional farming such as growing food, bee keeping and raising animals or fish is practiced in urban areas. This can be within or around cities and in villages. In recent years urban farming as become more popular due to environmentalContinue reading “Urban Farming”

Contaminated Property Investors

Brownfield Redevelopment Property Investments Winefield & Associates, Inc. (W&A) finds contaminated brownfield properties to acquire and redevelop on the West Coast with an emphasis on Southern California commercial and industrial locations. Most of the properties we source are in premium infill areas and have clean values ranging from $2 million to $20 million. After W&A conducts thoroughContinue reading “Contaminated Property Investors”

Transaction costs matter — Ecology

Will Harris, a free-range chicken farmer in Georgia, recently learned first hand the importance of transaction costs. In the last few years, bald eagles have been treating his farm as an all-you-can-eat buffet. He was “excited” to see the first pair show up, because he viewed them as an environmental amenity. But now 77 eagles […]Continue reading “Transaction costs matter — Ecology”

Environmentally Friendly Choices Contribute to Global Sustainability

Making more environmentally friendly choices are simple to make and will help you start moving in a more environmentally friendly direction: Dental Floss – Honestly, I didn’t even think about the waste dental floss causes until I can across Dental Lace on the Package Free Shop’s website. The entire package is designed with the planet in mind ANDContinue reading “Environmentally Friendly Choices Contribute to Global Sustainability”