Skip the sausage at Disneyland’s new Village Haus Restaurant

Hold the sausage I was expecting a German-style sausage, but got instead what tasted to me like a very mild sweet Italian sausage instead. However German and Italian cuisine might blend, an Italian sausage on pretzel bread, topped with sauerkraut, doesn’t qualify. Italian spices just don’t get along with pickled cabbage. Nor do they sitContinue reading “Skip the sausage at Disneyland’s new Village Haus Restaurant”

Dining out in San Fransisco?

Bonjour, Monsieur Benjamin: Chef Corey Lee’s new Hayes Valley French FIVE STAR restaurant is one for all occasions! Sample a couple of petit plats, snack-size portions that go nicely with the restaurant’s concise cocktail list. In the Camembert beignets ($7 for six), the buttery, rich cheese is folded into the dough and the delicate friedContinue reading “Dining out in San Fransisco?”