All I could think of was….. say my name. Say my name. In the pounding surf, in the wind shivering the palms. In the quiet of your arms. Say my name. It has been a total of 168 Days since Hurricane Maria made landfall & 182 Days since Hurricane Irma made landfall on the island […]

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High Surf, Dangerous Rip Currents Expected at O.C. Beaches — KTLA

Elevated surf and strong rip currents are expected along the Orange County coast through Thursday, according to the National Weather Service. Ellina Abovian reports for the KTLA 5 News at 1 on Oct. 18, 2017.

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Study links at-risk orcas’ failed pregnancies to scarce food — Q13 FOX News

SEATTLE (AP) — Endangered killer whales that frequent the inland waters of Washington state are having pregnancy problems because they cannot find enough fish to eat, according to a new study. Researchers analyzed hormones in excrement collected at sea and found that more than two-thirds of orca pregnancies failed over a seven-year period. They linked…

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Beauty and Inspiration…

The solace of empty places and open spaces…

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Whales, Their Song and Dance — leebythesea

(Except for the guest photo and video at the end of this blog post, I took these whale shots over the last three weeks from the boardwalk of Long Beach, NY) They sing songs 20 minutes long for hours, they leap over their water-stage and pirouette in aerial grace. They are the humpback whales off […]

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The Dept of Fisheries launches a “Shark Monitoring Program” to make the Ocean Safer for Humans

Australia: The worlds Deadliest Shark Coast. The “Great White Shark” is the most deadly of the oceans predators. The Shark Investigation Team works on making the deadly seas safer for humans. The Dept of Fisheries launches an extensive “Shark Monitoring Program” The Western Australia  (Full Documentary) Deadly Shark Attacks


New “camoflauge” wetsuits prevents shark attacks

shark documentary documentary (Nature Documentary)
Deadly Shark Attacks documentary Full
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Animals of Deep Ocean full documentary
Great White Shark Most Terrifying Predator on the Planet full documentary
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Killer Whale Vs Great White shark
The Black Demon Shark
White Shark Outside the Cage
Shark Attack
Megalodon Giant Shark
Animals of Deep Ocean
Pets & Animals

North Shore, Oahu


sea turtle 4

sea turtle 2

sea turtle 5

sea turtle 6

sea turtle

sea sluggie

The sea turtles were a lovely reflection about this diving excursion. I ran into some unusual things as well.  Such as sea slugs that squirt ink if alarmed and giant triangle rock formations.


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In search of Scotland’s best beach via Julian Worker / Writer

On a road trip along Scotland’s north-west coast Kevin Rushby and family search for great swimming and wild camping spots – and a legendary beach, Sandwood Bay, at the tip of the countryMaddy and Kevin explore a the opening of a gorge at Applecross.

I first heard of it many years ago while sitting on a beach in the Far East. We had palm trees, white sand and aquamarine water where turtles swam – and there was a Scotsman, freckled and sunburned, arguing that his homeland had better. “Like Sandwood Bay,” he said. “Best beach in the world – and it feels like the last one, too. It’s a hike to get there. You should make the pilgrimage.”368c648c-546b-4ed2-b9c1-838a2afeb85b-2060x1236

The name stuck in my mind and, over the years, other people mentioned the place: its legendary beauty, its wonderful isolation, and its burgeoning reputation. But it was not until I was searching the west coast for wild-swimming spots between Applecross and Cape Wrath that I found its actual location: the last splash of yellow sand before the top north-west corner of Britain, with a four-mile footpath snaking across the hills to reach it. The whole nature of the trip changed right then. We would do the pilgrimage, working our way north, searching for great swimming and wild-camping spots, and finish at the ultima thule, the legendary goal of wilderness lovers: Sandwood Bay.

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On a road trip along Scotland’s north-west coast Kevin Rushby and family search for great swimming and wild camping spots – and a legendary beach, Sandwood Bay, at the tip of the country.

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Water supplier OKs 15% cuts to cities, including San Diego

LOS ANGELES – The agency that typically provides Southern California with about half its water supply tightened the spigot Tuesday when its board voted to cut regional deliveries by 15%.Water Nozzle

The move by the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California increases pressure on Southland residents to further curb water use in the fourth year of one of the worst droughts on record. It follows Gov. Jerry Brown’s unprecedented order directing Californians to slash urban water use by 25% compared with 2013 levels.

San Diego County Water Authority, the county’s wholesale supplier, gets about half its water from Metropolitan.
Intended to reduce Metropolitan’s overall deliveries by 15%, the cuts will take the form of allocations to the 26 cities and water districts that MWD supplies with water from Northern California and the Colorado River. Agencies that exceed their allocations will have to pay punitive surcharges on the extra water, a cost they will try to avoid by strengthening local conservation measures.

The delivery cut, which will take effect July 1, marks only the fourth time Metropolitan has trimmed wholesale supplies for its member agencies, which in turn sell water to the hundreds of local water districts that supply residential and commercial customers throughout the urban Southland.

A 15% drop in deliveries would conserve about 300,000 acre-feet of water, slowing the drawdown of Metropolitan’s dwindling reserves. One acre-foot of water is nearly 326,000 gallons, or enough to supply two households for one year.

MWD began the drought in 2012 with record amounts of water stored in groundwater banks and regional reservoirs. But to meet demand as the drought forced the state to slash Northern California water shipments, Metropolitan has steadily drawn on its savings account. This summer, staff projects reserves will have fallen from 2.7 million acre-feet to slightly more than 1 million acre-feet.

The staff recommended a 15% reduction, which a board committee approved Monday despite arguments by some members that a 20% cut was necessary to avoid depleting reserves to dangerous levels.

Metropolitan has trimmed deliveries several times in previous droughts — 10% in 1977, 17% in 1991 and 10% in 2009-10. In each instance, MWD’s member agencies have reined in use enough to avoid financial penalties.

But officials predict it will be tougher this time to attain the necessary water savings to avoid surcharges, given that many Southland cities have significantly reduced their use in recent years.

Read the full story at Los Angeles Times.

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New source of drinking water tested in East CountyWater Authority calls for improved water-use rules
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Insane video of elite sailboat doing a ‘death roll’ in Southern Ocean


Deepak verma

This frightening and nauseating video was taken early this week on board a vessel taking part in the around-the-world Volvo Ocean race, as it encountered rough weather in the tumultuous Southern Ocean. The MAPFRE team’s vessel did an involuntary “Chinese gybe,” also known as a “death roll,” while l
March 25, 2015 at 08:46PM
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Oh God They Made Shark’s Teeth Into an Actual Saw Blade

Deepak verma

It’s every swimmer, surfer, and slow fish’s greatest fear, but to understand just how deadly a shark’s bite can be, researchers at Cornell University wanted to study the cutting power of various sharks’ teeth. So they did what any mad scientist would: build a saw blade covered in shark’s teeth, at
January 19, 2015 at 08:56PM
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