Should you Drop out of School?

Everything You Won’t Learn in College About How to Be Successful” by Michael Ellsberg


“The Education of Millionaires: Everything You Won’t Learn in College About How to Be Successful” by Michael Ellsberg


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Tips for novice gardeners: Start small, follow a plan, keep a journal, don’t get discouraged“>community-garden-infrastucture (1)potato animated GIF

Details: Community Gardening explained:

Mississippi Skate Park Creates ‘New Model’ For Funding Public Projects

THE 20 BEST JOBS:la marbella_bowl contestFeatured ImageWIN a Mou...


Thanks to tight deadlines, crowded inboxes, constant meetings, and pressure to perform, it’s easy to fall into the trap of working too much.And while it’s important to be dedicated to your career, finding time for a life outside of work is just as (or more) crucial.“As humans, we need other outlets in our lives, such as friends, family, and hobbies, to live the kind of lives that bring us greater satisfaction,” says Scott Dobrowski, a community expert at Glassdoor, a site where employees can review their jobs and employers.Glassdoor recently sifted through its data to find whichprofessions offer the most flexible schedules, the option to work from home, and allow employees to set their own schedules. In other words: the jobs that provide the best work-life balance.

Data scientist, SEO specialist, and tour guide top the list.

“By maintaining a healthy work-life balance, we see employees who tend to be satisfied in their jobs,” Dobrowski explains. Employees in these jobs are motivated and hard working, yet still avoid burning out, which is good for both the employee and employer.

20. Game Designer


Work-life balance score: 3.8

“Nice people with a high team spirit, a great work life balance, countless events, activities, and benefits and low hierarchies.” —Wooga Game Designer (Berlin, Germany)

19. Real Estate Broker

Work-life balance score: 3.8

“Flexible schedule, unlimited income, great work environment.” —Century 21 Real Estate Broker (location, n/a)

18. Carpenter

Work-life balance score: 3.8

“Lots of chances to move up or lateral moves if you don’t like what you are doing. Environment values family and having a life outside of work.” —Fluor Carpenter (Boulder, Colorado)


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Police crack counterfeiting ring in Regina

Police crack counterfeiting ring in Regina


REGINA – Police arrested two people for producing counterfeit money at a home in North Central Regina on Monday night.

After a lengthy investigation into the fake bills led to five previous arrests, police raided a house on the 800 block of King Street and seized counterfeit U.S. bank notes and equipment that can be used to counterfeit paper currency.

During the raid police also seized drugs, drug paraphernalia, drug equipment and weapons including a crossbow, throwing knives and two stun guns.

36 year-old Jason Alvin Ursulan and 26 year-old Melissa Ann Heather Patterson are facing numerous charges including production of counterfeit money and possession of equipment used to make counterfeit money.

During the raid police also arrested 27 year-old Shelsey Raelyn Hansinger for possession of crystal meth.

Ursulan and Patterson both made their first court appearance on Tuesday afternoon.

Big E makes big impact on local economy

USA’s fifth largest fair comes to Massachusetts


WEST SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP)– You can tell by the smells, and by the sounds, that the Big E has officially started.Advertisement

Springfield natives Madeline and Bill Laskoski told 22news it’s an event worth traveling from for, even from their new home in Alabama. “I love the circus, even though I’m old, well I’m not that old, but I do love the circus. I love the craft part, I do love the state buildings and I love the food,” Madeline said. Bill told 22News its all about the music.

Big E organizers told 22News that when it comes to bringing in large numbers of people, the big name entertainment acts have become one of their most significant tools.

The Big E is North America’s fifth largest fair. It started as a nine day event, but about 20 years ago that changed and the fair doubled its running time.

“So our economic impact really exploded when that happened. It expanded the fair by 40 percent but attendance to the fair actually grew much larger than that,” Gene Cassidy, President and CEO of the grounds told 22News.

Cassidy also said that while their operative 365 days a year, the now 17-day long Big E fair makes up roughly 80 percent of the Eastern States Exposition’s annual revenue.

A marketing study conducted by Amherst-based Regional Economic Models released earlier this year found the fairgrounds have a total year-round economic impact of nearly $480 million dollars to the West Springfield and surrounding region.BuyPower Card

The Big E runs from September 12th to the 28th.

The 5 Best Places To See The Leaves Change Color This Fall:

1. Upstate New York There may not be another place in the world that is more famous for it’s changing leaves than the northern reaches of New York state. Heralded in films and literature alike, the vibrant layers of orange, red, and yellow are nearly impossible to beat. Our favorite route? Highway 97, from Hancock to the sleepy little enclave of Port Jervis.  
2. Vermont Not only is Vermont home to some of the sleepiest, prettiest small towns in northeastern America, it’s also one of the most singular Fall landscapes in the country. We recommend cruising out to Burke for their annual Foliage Festival, where you much apples, catch live music, and play “cow plop Bingo” like a true local.  
3. Québec, CanadaCome for the maple syrup, but in September – stay for the gorgeous, yellow-leaved landscapes of seemingly endless trees. For culture-hounds, stay in the scenic little city of Montreal, but for the ski fanatics, head to Mont Tremblant. It’s a picturesque, mountaintop ski resort that affords stunning views of the surrounding countryside.
4. Missouri Whodathunk? One of the best places to see beautiful fall foliage is right smack in the middle of the country, where the scenic Ozarks have gained the well-deserved reputation of having some of the densest, most brilliantly-colored fall foliage there is. “Peak” season is usually in October, so you’d even have time to catch some fall festival annuals in the northeastern Kingdom before heading this way. Great driving tours can be recommended via Branson.5. Oregon No surprise that Oregon, a country famous for its greenery and environmentally-minded populace, would be one of the most beautiful places to watch the leaves change color. Hiking enthusiasts will find tons to explore just inside and outside of Portland, from the nearby Multnomah Falls to the centrally located Japanese Gardens.  
  • Miami Marlins' Giancarlo Stanton is taken off the field on a stretcher after being hit in the face with a pitch during the fifth inning against the Milwaukee Brewers Sept. 11 in Milwaukee.

    Stanton tweets that he’s ‘much better’

    Giancarlo Stanton of the Miami Marlins says he’s feeling ”much better,” one day after sustaining facial fractures and other injuries when he was struck in the face by a fastball.

    Associated Press

  • Andrew Madoff in a 60 Minutes interview.

    Madoff son Andrew leaves over $15 million to his fiancée…

    But his will does not mention his mother, Bernard Madoff’s wife.


  • Toyota Urban Utility Concept
    • Toyota Urban Utility Concept Shown Ahead of World Maker…

      The Toyota Urban Utility concept will be shown to the public at the New York World Maker Faire on September 20 and 21.


    • Robert Downey Jr. and son Indio are seen in Los Angeles on Aug. 20, 2011.

      Robert Downey Jr.’s Son Pleads Guilty to Drug Charges

      Indio Downey must stay sober and out of legal trouble for 18 months in order for the case to be dismissed


    • High School Senior Petitions for Cat and Lasers to be in…

      Draven Rodriguez took a yearbook photo he says reflects his personality, but as Mara Montalbano (@maramontalbano) tells us, his school is less than amused.


    • Men friends cheering sports team on tv

      10 Signs Your Guy Is in a Bromance

      Sure you like your guy’s pals, but do you ever feel like second fiddle? Here are 10 signs your man is in a bromance, along with some real-life bromance tales.

      The Nest


Apple pushes digital wallet with Apple Pay

WATCH: Apple CEO Tim Cook unveiled Apple iPhone6 Pay,

a new mobile payment platform built into every iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus:Featured Image

Business center helps hopeful entrepreneurs make ambitions a reality

images (6)Featured Image -- 4017835705_634163122685010654 Students graduating from the program earlier this week.

Athina Panayibes is one of the Graduates of the 3 month business course at The Pete Suazo Business Center in Salt Lake

Failure to Invest in America’s Infrastructure Imperils Economic Growth

broken-bridge downloadMany roads and highways have exceeded their projected expiration date. Failure to Invest in America’s Infrastructure Imperils Economic Growth.

Investment in America’s infrastructure is critical to sustaining long term economic growth. In fact, there is no logical basis not to invest in infrastructure. Presently, we have a crumbling infrastructure. Despite a grade of D plus by the American Society of Civil Engineers, policy makers, namely conservatives, are reluctant to ramp up infrastructure investment.

Credible studies show that just $157 billion dollars additional investment per year between now and 2020 will save America $3.1 trillion dollars in lost gross domestic product. Additionally, such investment will protect 3.5 million American jobs and prevent a decline of $3100 in annual personal disposable household income.

Underinvestment in America’s infrastructure imperils all actors in the economy. Not only will transportation jobs be preserved with more infrastructure investment, but businesses will invest in areas where infrastructure is sound. In an era of rapid globalization, we can ill-afford the economic policies of austerity when it comes to infrastructure investment.

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Cracks In Davis Pool Leaking 7,000 Gallons Of Water A Day During Drought « CBS Sacramento

Cracks In Davis Pool Leaking 7,000 Gallons Of Water A Day During Drought « CBS Sacramento.

Pool Leaking
Featured Image
City engineers deciding whether to destroy it permanently, or spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to build a new pool.
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