Oh, darn. Study: Most meltwater in Greenland fjords likely comes from icebergs, not glaciers — Watts Up With That?

This 14-Year-Old’s Homework Assignment Sparked A Mission to Feed America’s Hungry

This 14-Year-Old’s Homework Assignment Sparked A Mission to Feed America’s Hungry (4:47)


This story should make you feel good and give you faith in humanity, but honestly, it makes me sad knowing that at the same time  governments are wasting millions of dollars on wars, killing equipment and surveillence.  In what kind of world are we living? Please focus on the bright side..!      (Originally posted on  http://talesfromtheconspiratum.com/ ) 

Weekend Recap:

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Pre-travel takeout dinner from Daily Dose Grill: vegetable nicoise salad with salmon.  Andrew and I always eat from Daily Dose but it was my first time trying this salad and I think it’s my new favorite!  I ordered it without the dressing and made my own.  But the salmon was on POINT.  If you’re from the Scottsdale, Arizona area and ever eat here, definitely try this.  It’s delish.


We also ordered mac and cheese from Daily Dose to share.  Healthy eating is all about balance right??


I spent Saturday night in San Francisco for my friend Kelly’s birthday party.  We boozed it up college-style and had a little house party.  Girls nights are the best!


The ladies 🙂  Here is living proof that I actually party sometimes.

photo 1

Dinner and drinks at Betelnut in San Francisco with my best friend Nat.  Pretty sure it’s my new favorite restaurant.  Their cocktails are on POINT.

photo 3

Betelnut eats: kale salad, Schezuan green beans (one of my favs…pretty sure I single-handedly took down 75% of this plate), and chicken fried rice.  All to die for.

photo 2

BUT definitely the best thing we ordered at Betelnut: the chicken dumplings.  O-M-G these things were INSANE.

photo 4

Sunday morning brunch at The Grove.  One of our go-to brunch spots.  I ordered the bacon and cheddar scramble with avocado.  It was amazing and the best hangover cure.  And believe me, I needed a hangover cure.  Mama can’t party like she used to.


We walked back after brunch and stopped to take in the views (and pictures, obviously).  San Francisco is actually the prettiest city on Earth.  I know I always annoyingly gush about San Francisco but when you have this view every day…I MEAN COME ON.

photo 5

Fall is starting to show it’s colors here in Norcal.  It’s been a late start and our Indian summer definitely lasted way longer than expected.  But the leaves are finally turning color and it’s making me super happy.

I hope you all have a happy Monday!!! xoxoxo


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Constantly, I look for you               
among the thousand breezes
that pass by my face
interlaced in shadows and sunlight
the forest could be your hiding place
that hidden cove on some exotic island
deep blue waters where dolphins dance
an oasis near a Sultan’s paradise
no, it must be with the stars at night
the falling ones that catch my sight…   
(Copyright 01-31-13) 

Courtesy of: http://burymyheartwoundedknee.wordpress.com/2014/08/15/no-matter-where-you-are/  



So I’m suppose to be getting in the bath but I just hung up the phone with Wayne I’m actually angry at him
I have these feelings and they aren’t good/ I’m not sure how any of this happen/ he’s like I can’t ask him what to call my art show why not/ why can’t I ask him isn’t he a friend?/ but what is it?/ is he scared I might get big off of it and not credit him? Who knows I have no idea but that’s it no more questioning people things that have to do with my craft yeah I know//

I hate fake deep people/ or should I say the pretender? The ones who act like they’re into art or the wanna be book worms. All the fake hipster shit has got to stop. The norm is still in you know just be you.

You’re wondering…

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Article 62 – How to Lose Weight in Three Easy Steps

*Note: The last 3 steps at the bottom of the article:


100% real weight loss solution 100% real weight loss solution

In an age largely reliant on the internet, there has been a massive change to people’s lifestyles in the last 15 years or so. That being said, We have generally seen an increasingly overweight human race… from what I hear that is (What do I know? I’m only 20). It’s not like I knew much when I was five, right? (Actually, I have heard I was a pretty smart kid but that is besides the point)…

Don’t worry, this isn’t an article that bashes the Internet and tells you to eat your vitamins, say your prayers and run around in the park for six hours. Instead I am focusing on something a lot more specific.

Note: This is my first proper article in a long time. So cut me some slack, let’s see where it takes us. (Oh, and the steps are at the…

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Low Fat Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins

Arl's World

Well I don’t know about you, but I am always happy to see Friday roll around.  For me it means the end of another work week, the  start of another wonderful weekend and it means time for ….Fiesta Friday!!  So come on over and join us at Angie’s place, The Novice Gardener.  We will be cooking and baking up a storm and bringing all kinds of wonderful dishes to try.


This week I am bringing something a little more on the healthy side.  My mom always baked everything with lots of sugar and butter.  I grew up eating her wonderful pies, kolaches, cakes, cinnamon rolls …back then we did not know or think about anything low-fat, gluten-free etc.  It has been hard for me to go from baking the way I was taught, to now trying to bake without sugar and butter …to use sugar substitutes and…

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