10 Reasons You Should Smile More Often…

Mother Teresa once said “We shall never know all the good that a simple smile can do.” We have been smiling all our lives. And to some degree, we already possess the inherent knowledge that smiling not only feels good but it actually does good too.

Yet many of us shy from smiling as often as we ought to. I’m not the one to judge; we all have our own problems to deal with in life. But way too often, we actually punish ourselves by choosing not to smile when we really should be smiling our brains off!

So, the next time you get the opportunity to smile, just smile, and enjoy all that positivity it spawns. If you’re not convinced, well here below are reasons you should be.

1. Smiling makes you look attractive.

Your smile says a great deal about you. It really is true. Not convinced? Try this. Try to think of some of the people you’re attracted to. Done? How many of those were actually smiling? Well, you don’t have to tell me because I already know the answer.

We are naturally hardwired to be attracted to people who smile. Something about seeing someone smile builds up all this positive energy in our minds. And every time we see them, we associate them with all that positive energy.

So, the next time you’re around a bunch of friends or strangers (it really doesn’t matter) and you want to attract attention, just smile.

2. Smiling makes you happier.

Now this is as true as it is strange. Smiling actually makes you, the person smiling, happier regardless of the situation. Normally we are hardwired to smile only during pleasant situations.

The brain in turn releases endorphins which lowers stress and improves your overall mood, hence making the situation pleasant. But it being a voluntary action, we can actually trick the brain into believing that an otherwise dull situation is actually pleasant by simply smiling.

So the next time you’re bored, or god forbid sad, try this — kick back, take a few deep breaths and smile. Just smile, and watch your brain work its magic!

3. Smiling improves your immune system.

It has been reported that when you’re smiling, the body releases more white blood cells than it usually does. And the prime purpose of white blood cells are to protect the body against both infectious diseases and foreign invaders.

So, smiling more often actually makes your body more immune to diseases and hence makes you healthier. In fact, that is the prime reason why so many famous celebrities are invited to children’s hospitals. If they can get the children to smile, that will, to some degree, boost their overall health.

So with this in mind, don’t just go smiling on your own from now on. Make others smile too!

4. Smiling makes you a better leader.

Smiling encourages trust. We can all agree to that. A person who is constantly smiling appears more trustful than someone who is not. And what more do we look for in a great leader than trust?

Take a look at all the popular leaders of the world. I don’t say the great leaders, because not all of them may be popular. But the popular ones, who are also the more successful, smile more often than others.

This is true for leadership in all levels. Fear and intimidation may work like a charm for a while, but they never last long. The leaders who truly make a mark in history are the ones that smile.

5. Smiling helps you make a better impression.

Have you ever been in a room with strangers and struggled to socialize to the extent you wish you could? Wouldn’t you in turn want to be that person who can get along with everyone in the room in a jiffy?

Well, if you look at the people who can actually do this, you will find that the key to their success is, you guessed it, smiling. Yes, they’re smiling more than you are. But guess what? Their personality is no match for yours. Put on more smiles, and you’ll be sweeping all the charm towards your direction in no time!

6. Smiling makes you more productive.

We talked about the value of smiling as a mood booster earlier, but it doesn’t end there. The effect of one good smile follows you to your workplace and in fact, helps improve your overall performance there.

And this is actually backed by research. A 2010 research led by Andrew Oswald, a Professor of Economics at Warwick Business School, proved that employees who smile more often are significantly more productive and creative in the workplace.

So whether you’re an employee or an employer, smile more often and make others around you smile more often too. It will be great for everyone involved.

7. Smiling makes you more approachable.

Imagine yourself in a room with two people you’ve never met before. You need to ask them a favor. And it’s not just any favor. It would actually be of mutual benefit. Both persons are on their phones. One is smiling, the other is not.

After a while, they put their phones down, and you’re ready to approach them. Which of the two would you go to, or at least go to first? Once again, I know the answer.

There is something about smiling that attracts trust. It makes the person wearing the smile appear warm and kind. The very qualities that make one approachable.

8. Smiling makes you more confident.

Not only does smiling make you look more confident, it actually makes you confident in the long term. If you’re someone who smiles often, you tend to attract more attention, trust and respect than others around you.

This in turn makes you look for the attention, trust and respect in every situation which is the hallmark of confidence — believing that you deserve something.

And how do you do that? The only way you’ve ever known. Smiling more! Which in turn makes you even more confident. It is almost like a chain reaction. A never ending cycle that only makes you more confident and happier with every iteration.

9. Smiles are contagious.

Well, they are, aren’t they?  How many times have you seen someone smile and get no reaction from the other party? Very few, right? People smile, even if to be polite. And we’ve talked about the seer effect of just smiling, even in pretense.

When you’re smiling, you’re actually asking the other party to join in on the fun with you. And 99 percent of the time, they do join you. Smiles are one of the most contagious things in the world, behind probably only to laughter, which is in a way just a louder smile. So smile more, and spread the joy!

10. Smiles are free.

We have discussed a lot of benefits of smiling. But we are yet to discuss the most important reason you should smile more often –- because they’re free! When was the last time you blew away something so beneficial yet absolutely free? Smile, just smile.

You’ll be happier and you’ll make everyone around you happier. Dale Carnegie wrote this on his book “How to Win Friends and Influence People”: “A smile costs nothing, but creates much. It enriches those who receive, without impoverishing those who give. It happens in a flash and the memory of it sometimes lasts forever.” Old Carnegie sure was onto something!


Mother Teresa once said “We shall never know all the good that a simple smile can do.” We have been smiling all our lives. And to some degree, we already possess the inherent knowledge that smiling not only feels good but it actually does good too.

Yet many of us shy from smiling as often as we ought to. I’m not the one to judge; we all have our own problems to deal with in life. But way too often, we actually punish ourselves by choosing not to smile when we really should be smiling our brains off!

So, the next time you get the opportunity to smile, just smile, and enjoy all that positivity it spawns. If you’re not convinced, well here below are reasons you should be.

1. Smiling makes you look attractive.

Your smile says a great deal about you. It really is true. Not convinced? Try…

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Time: A Gift

Shots from a walk in Guy Fawkes River National Park, including the Ebor Falls. So great to be able to take time in a busy week to take photos. via Monk Seal.

I think every individual has his or her own power, and it’s a matter of working, taking time and defining what that power is. – Jill Scott.

The Waterfall  

(Henry Kendall)

The song of the water
Doomed ever to roam,
A beautiful exile,
Afar from its home.

The cliffs on the mountain,
The grand and the gray,
They took the bright creature
And hurled it away!

I heard the wild downfall,
And knew it must spill
A passionate heart out
All over the hill.


Photography: Trish Jean

Shots from a walk in Guy Fawkes River National Park, including the Ebor Falls. So great to be able to take time in a busy week to take photos. It’s a mindful activity and makes up for not having time to be in the water, my zen thing, and no baths in the hotels! It’s also great for bringing attention to the places I’m travelling through.

I think every individual has his or her own power, and it’s a matter of working, taking time and defining what that power is. – Jill Scott

I think my superpower is compassion. There’s been a lot of need for that this week, and stopping and taking photos and having time out is the gift of compassion to myself. I’m grateful my travelling companion is a wonderful, compassionate man. So was the man I was working with last week. They’ve both…

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I don’t know if you’re hurting t-day.
E’en so, His love can light the way.
We’re each on our own unique pathway.

Some are so broken they’ve no will to stay.
Don’t highlight the faults of others you see.
They have their own reasons for defeat.

Just allow Him to, help, guide – strengthen you.
You’ll find He’ll restore and mend too.
His love and light is for receiving my friend. 

We’re all just empty vessels He longs to fill.————————————————————

Child on Oceanside:

Here is a lad whose cast in pales.

His eyes breath the ocean breeze.

The whim and the wave tailgates.


The depth of the sea emeralds he.

He takes steps to dive in just yet.

Withal, his weak limbs only float.


Song’s of seagulls speak his cord.


As he fingers moment to moment.

Day to day footprints lye in sand.

He Weeps……

Fruitful Wisdoms ( Classic )

Sier Wicked Romancer's Persuasive Poetry


Wicked crooked walk time only takes one Tik Tok every second from the clock. Clockwise wisdom from the second hand of time’s ticking and clicking aged wisdom. Limes to sour lemons a sweet pucker of every breath, fruitful wisdoms in life’s sweet & sour puckers.
My glass is full of whiskey, my mind is aged & full with ageless wisdoms.

Particular is a precise choice of Independence remarkable for those who have it. Don’t get rid of it, it only comes twice with one walk, grace and peaceful talk. One bite is louder than a dozen barks & 1 howl Dawg.

A person’s picture is a moment captured by the shutter speed of a blinking eye, wicked in disguise. Mouths become flies as tadpoles become frogs living underneath logs.
Today’s journey is living yesterday’s wisdom
Wiser wisdom from wicked word’s of wisdom aged with philosophy a philosophical personal fee in…

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Time’s. Dexterity

Sier Wicked Romancer's Persuasive Poetry


Destiny echoes time’s complexities
A universal faith in which we all
create the Epiphany
of time’s
Symphony Orchestrated
The universal dexterity
times elegance.

To preside with the
power of forever
in the absence
the essence

We are the composer’s
Of our mind’s symphony
by destiny’s

The mystique mind to
the provocative in kind.
Alluring the mysterious
curiosity of senses
Or very different
of the unique kind
appease the aesthetics
questions facilitating
perception of unique

One’s destiny
question destination
facilitating a fascination

Modern contemporary
or the
abstract kind
eccentric personality.

Cherished or perished
inherent genes.

Alluring the elusive

☆U N I V € R S € ★
INT€R 》°O ₩ N S £ € F°《 CONN€T€D
Pen’s broadcasting name
21st Century’s Poet
intellectual property rights reserved
 #poet #poetry #Wicked…

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Sier Wicked Romancer's Persuasive Poetry


I’m a provocative artist
Tap my heels and two step
to a tap dancing

I blow sweet harmonies
Orchestrated symphonies.

I provoke today’s fashion
it’s the latest & greatest
In Fashion

I’m exuberant with a
eccentric personality
I’m today’s cherished.

My words provoke magazines
With line’s in rhymes.

My rhythm swings and sways
every which way.

I’m the in crowd nothing can clout
or else I’ll pout and shout.

I’m the fashion of passion
for today and the future.

Seductive word’s provoke
Passions of a provocative
Spilling the ink
Compelling word’s to seduce
Mind’s an ravage the body.

gestures & provocative
provoke sentiments
of thought.

The mystique of forbidden
seduces the imagination.

Provoking words
succulent thoughts of
dreamy passions.

The symphonies of jesters
seductive passions
in therapeutics of
forbidden desires.

Passion burns a wick
Scorching elements

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You will Like this.

Sier Wicked Romancer's Persuasive Poetry


Unique of non conformity complexity of one second to none the uniqueness of one.
To appease one the uniqueness on my sleeve of one,
all the stares in which I don’t care I’m unique the complexity of a mythical pen.
My pens ink of a mythical uniqueness of one’s nonconformity complex unique in a mythic’s uniformity.
Critiques of the mystical uniqueness a complexity of diversity his uniqueness times 1
Nonconformity by the uniqueness of one,
no two alike mythical unique that’s mystical of this mystique

Unchained word’s mirror the reflected sediments, the epiphany of times symphony.
Orchestrated throughout the field’s of my thoughts & dreams of unreleased imaginations.
The Poet’s seductive & productive line’s in a provocative pose.
Echos of word’s screaming the swift fast thinking thoughts of a wild imagination’s ride.
Mirrored reflections of dreams released on a figment of an imagination’s mere sediments.
Unchained word’s mirror the reflected…

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Attitudes of energy.


Sier Wicked Romancer's Persuasive Poetry

What are the effect attitude ripples .The effect energies of your attitude affect a lifetime effects, cause and effect attitudes affect ripples energies displacement of energies attitudes displaced.. Energies of attitudes rippling the ripples of negitive energies ripple through attitudes, effects place of energies cause for effect. Energies of attitudes actions, reactions the cause & effects, energies displaced ripples of energies attitudes a rippling effect ripping. Energy displacing defective energies.. Displacement all energies a Lifetime Achievement defective cause & effect actual attitudes energies of two , attitude negative of one.. Attitudes energies negativity due energy displacement enough chilling effects.
Negativity energies displaced single handedly rebelling, effecting energies attitudes energies of displacement negative many positive, to many negative energies attitudes of everyday attitudes. Energies relaxing energies, reactions to contraction of energies continuously so you tell me free energies displaced a figured energy. ? Energies a type of attitudes energies displaced gravitational…

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29.4: Have No Fear

On The Heath

a cowardly sheepishness in men
is as to architects an earthquake:
it hurts their reputation
and tempers with their glory

© Heath Muchena, 2015

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Compelling Rhymes

Sier Wicked Romancer's Persuasive Poetry


Compelling series of theories in the physics of my rhymes. Scientific discoveries of compelling words the physics of my design. Sweet words and I’ve committed a crime the future by a customary design. I’m the preacher a teacher of a scientific design prolific and terrific words scripts from the proverbial words.

Aeronautics by design custom streamlined rhymes philosophical to the edge of time. Double the script and I’ll split the three words that changes the proverbial words. The professor  of lyrical rhymes scientific by design.
Scientific formats cuts different door mats. Provocative lines futuristic by Design throughout the history of time my words dice and splice syllables to curable rhymes. The curse of reversible rhymes with out no rehearsal time. I point out the 5th dimension the extension of an imagination to the compelling formulas of nonconformity.

Deflected lines echoing the destination of time any new compelling theories to the…

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Eccentric poet

Sier Wicked Romancer's Persuasive Poetry


Prestigious philosophical crazy mind Prophet of prolific wisdoms. Vision e’er of future’s lyrical pioneer capitalizing on time’s of mesmerizing rhymes. Dimensions of an era’s future’s feature premier. Orchestrating symptoms of harmonies in life’s glitzy glamour a dedication to the four seasons. Poet writing life’s fascinating line’s, with poetic scripts changing the world one word at a time.
The symphony plays epiphanies of time’s forever essence. Echos the sands of time, in every grind in every grain of time. The hand’s of time slowly unwind
The epiphanies of times symphony in the absence of forever the essence of never. Times unyielding power of the two hand’s approaching every hour. The eternal essence of power in the sands of time. Slowly we grind every grain of time. The overwhelming power of forever mark’s time’s curiosity of never.
Pervaor of time the essence of never, yelid to the power of forever.
Temple of…

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Cuco’s nest

Sier Wicked Romancer's Persuasive Poetry


Crazy mind
The one who bellows mystical wisdom of an ageless time. Crazy mind
The elegance of grace, a star studded strut of life’s finicky essence of dominance.
Prominent of a definitive mind futuristic in every way, lighting the intellectual brilliance of a resilient mastermind.
It’s the crazy mind, vehicle of world’s transformation, poet’s writing fascinating line’s mesmerizing life’s scripts to witness, changing one philosophy at a time, changing before the calling of time’s to change.
Crazy mind
Prominence in dominance the punctual elegance of word’s wiser wisdoms it’s, dominance of the crazy mind the one who speeds in excess of a Maserati mind.
Custom accessories it’s all packages of necessary fluency for broadcasting this world wide premier.
Crazy mind
The intellectual who bears brilliance and intelligence in everyday resilience, the rights to reserve and preserve licenses of intellectual logo’s. Trademarks of the Masters in provocative art’s mending & bending…

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How to Read People Like Sherlock Holmes: 4 Insights From Research

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to just look at someone and tell what they’re really like?

Sherlock Holmes does this all the time and it’s incredibly cool. Check out this clip from the BBC show Sherlock.

What Sherlock Gets Wrong — And How You Can Get It Right

So what does Sam say is implausible about Sherlock Holmes?

You just can’t tell that much about someone from one little thing. Here’s Sam:

Sherlock Holmes will notice a shoe scuff mark on the side of the wall and from that he is able to completely realize this person must have fallen a certain way and done this and that and so on. But in reality there’s 20 different ways you could have had that scuff mark. That’s why we have to look for trends in behavioral residue.Featured Image -- 7114

It’s really about detecting patterns. Themes. Trends. Here’s Sam:

I look at the photos people have of themselves. Those can often be very diagnostic about people’s identity. I always ask myself: “Of the 10,000 photos you could’ve put up, why did you put up these three?” Do the photos consistently show a theme of the person as the scientist, or as the hero, or as the family person? Those tend to be very helpful.

Sam uses three categories for things that tell you about someone’s personality:

  1. Identity Claims
  2. Feeling Regulators
  3. Behavioral Residue

Let’s break them down.

1) Identity Claims

People want to be understood. These are the things that say something about who the person is or how they want to be perceived.

A class ring. T-shirts with slogans. Music. Tattoos. Pay attention to them because they’re usually accurate signs. Here’s Sam:

Identity claims are deliberate statements we make about our attitudes, goals, values, etc… One of the things that’s really important to keep in mind about identity statements is because these are deliberate, many people assume we are being manipulative with them and we’re being disingenuous, but I think there’s little evidence to suggest that that goes on. I think generally people really do want to be known. They’ll even do that at the expense of looking good. They’d rather be seen authentically then positively if it came down to that choice.

2) Feeling Regulators

That photo of their daughter that’s facing their chair? That’s not for you. That’s for them. It makes them feel good.

3) Behavioral Residue

This is what Sherlock Holmes is usually looking for. The stuff we leave around that shows what we’ve been up to lately. What’s the best source of behavioral residue?

Look in someone’s trash can. Seriously. It’s very, very telling.

Why? Because it’s not sculpted in any way. It accurately provides clues to what we’ve been doing.

Ask yourself right now: how often do you monitor your trash can for what others might think of you? You don’t.

As Sam says in his book, Snoop: “Garbage is the window to the soul.”

(To learn how to read body language like a pro, click here.)

Okay, so we have the basics. How can you best put these ideas to use when you meet someone new?

Trust First Impressions — But Be Ready To Revise

Good News: your first impressions are usually pretty accurate. Bad News: whether they are wrong or right, first impressions affect us in a big way and we are slow to change them.

Here’s Sam:

First impressions are often quite helpful but you have to be willing to update them quite rapidly. That’s what’s very hard to do.

What should we definitely trust in first impressions? If someone seems extroverted or confident, they probably are.

What can clothing tell you?

Are the clothes expensive? Is a woman showing cleavage? Does it show off a guy’s muscles? Hello, narcissism. Here’s Sam:

Narcissists tend to put much more care into their appearance. The women tend to show more cleavage. The guys tend to show more muscles.

These days we often meet people first via email. Want a clue as to someone’s personality? Look at their sig. Here’s Sam:

I do think that the signature files at the bottom are a good indicator to somebody’s identity. You can get quite a high fidelity signal about someone’s values if they have a quote at the end of their emails.

(To learn more about what the music you love says about you, clickhere.)

Not everybody has a quote at the bottom of their emails — but they probably have a Facebook account. Can we trust how they’re presenting themselves?

Facebook Profiles Are Actually Very Accurate

Research shows they’re a rich source of information about someone’s personality.

I know, I know: some of you are thinking about that friend who is always making themselves look good.

Don’t sweat that too much. Sam says it doesn’t matter. You’re still going to get a pretty accurate idea of who they are.

Why? For one, someone who wants to seem cultured is really not going to go to the trouble of attending the opera every week and posting photos. It’s too much trouble.

And Facebook has a level of accountability. If you posted lots of stuff that isn’t like you at all, friends could call you out on it — and peopleknow that. Here’s Sam:

It overwhelmingly gives a more accurate impression rather then an inflated impression. Let’s say I wanted to give the impression that I was very highbrow. What would I actually have to do in order to give that impression? I don’t really know much about obscure classical music. It would be very hard for me to talk in a compelling way about it. Am I going to actually go to some kind of shows and have pictures of me in those places? It requires quite a lot of effort. One of the reasons why Facebook is quite helpful is because it really does reflect what people are doing. Another reason is because of the high accountability there. If I posted photos of me parachuting, swimming with sharks, etc. all of my friends would immediately call it out as a fake, because they would know that’s not what I do.

What’s the single best personality predictor Sam has ever found? Personal websites. (Yes, I’m cringing right now.)

How about online dating profiles? Sam hasn’t done much research here but he guesses they’re less telling than Facebook profiles but still pretty indicative.

People don’t want to be an utter disappointment when they meet a date in person but there’s not the level of accountability that Facebook has. Here’s Sam:

Websites and Facebook profiles provide quite an accurate impression, whereas with the dating websites, you want to put your good side forward. It shouldn’t be such a good side that you create disappointment, so it’s obviously quite a balance to predict. I’d expect you’d have reasonable levels of accuracy, but not as high as these other domains where there’s more accountability.

(To learn more about what the words you use say about you, clickhere.)

So that’s online but what about in the real world? When you look at someone’s home or office what can you really learn about them?

What Someone’s Home And Office Tells You About Who They Are

Merely looking at the outside of someone’s house (Seems inviting? Christmas decorations up?) can accurately tell you how sociable they are. Bedrooms can clue you in to how they vote.

Have they got a variety of cool objects? Those people are open to new experiences.

Are those things presented in a neat and tidy way? That signals conscientiousness and reliability.

Is the place comfortable? Inviting? You’ve got yourself an extrovert.

Here’s Sam:

What we found in both homes and offices is that clues to conscientiousness and openness are pretty strong. People who are higher on extroversion, they tend to have inviting spaces. They’ll have the door open and a more comfortable space. They essentially want people to come in there and linger. Maybe they have candy on the desk, that sort of thing.

Another great clue is to look at which direction things are facing.

Are those family photos facing where the guests sit or where the owner sits? How about those framed diplomas?

That tells you who those items are designed to influence: you or them. Here’s Sam:

The location of things or which way they’re facing can really tell you the psychological function that item is serving. Maybe it’s very close to where a person works or sits a lot, or something is deliberately placed right in the middle of the room. Those tend to be significant things.

Similarly, you can get clues to fakery and phoniness by looking at how the items in various rooms differ. Generally, the more private the room, the more accurate the signal you’ll get.

Those untouched highbrow books on the shelf in the living room collecting dust? Yeah, someone’s trying to look smart.

But what about that well-thumbed romance novel or self-help book lying next to the bed? That’s who they really are.

(For more on how to accurately detect lies, click here.)

Okay, Sherlock-in-training, we have a lot of new tools. Let’s round everything up and learn the best way to put them to use.

Sum Up

Here are some of Sam’s tools for reading people:

  1. Don’t make assumptions based on a single item. Look for trends and themes. (And definitely eye the trash can.)
  2. First impressions are often accurate but be ready to update them quickly. Extroversion and self-esteem are easy to spot. Clothing can clue you in to narcissism.
  3. Personal websites, Facebook profiles and email sigs can generally be trusted.
  4. Homes and offices can tell you who is extroverted, conscientious and open to new experiences. Look at which direction things are facing. The more private a room, generally the more accurate it is.

Hopefully these can help you learn more about new friends or old friends and forge a closer bond.

But you might want to keep quiet about some of your insights. I asked Sam how people react to his being an expert in this field. He replied:

I’ve had lots of invitations not to visit people’s houses.

This piece originally appeared on Barking Up the Wrong Tree.

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Featured Image -- 7114

Gratuities and gestures

Sier Wicked Romancer's Persuasive Poetry


Broadcasting this world wide premiere in grateful gestures gratuities of compromises our settlement of sediments in complexities, life’s symphonies of noteworthy chimes. In upscale paces to better days and numbers the tasty bits bushels of better times in a morsel bite sized wisdom in wiser word’s of angelic wizardry no rehearsal but its all reversible in life’s glitzy glamour, the beauty of tomorrow’s future premier broadcasting as tonights early premiere. Monumental proportions of a mystical bravery a profit in prophets of a personal philosophical philosophy a stature in values an morality of forward looking positive attitudes. Living a lifetime of love’s virtues in unconditional love. Custom Maserati speeds of my philosophical crazy mind so I set new designs and dimensions earth’s extensions of the imaginations in wickedness. Man’s revolution of evolving creation of legislation to the resolutions of future’s greastest time. 

☆U N I V € R S € ★

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“Happiness cannot be traveled to, owned, earned, or worn. It is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace & gratitude.” – Denis Waitley