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Hello guys/girls,

I have started ‘seriously’ lifting probably for the first time now. Just finished my first week of SS after having done SL on and off. I’m 15 years old and I know I cant outtrain a shitty diet, even though I’m pretty sure my diet is definetly not shitty. I’m starting to get conscious about my nutrition, like for breakfast I usually make Oats (cooked in a pan with milk probably 300 ML of milk), 1 scrambled egg made up of 2 eggs (with bacon if I bought some) with around 300 ML of milk to usually sip on. But for lunch at school, that’s where shit hits the fan, I have no idea what to bring to school, I tried to make some healthy burritos but they didnt stay that well, so I usually just bring PB Sandwiches, drink lots of water and have a (tuna)salad. I always bring…

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Stretches To Do While Watching TV: Want a hot-bod but are too lazy to go to the gym? Do these stretches while watching TV!

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Hard work Pays off at the Finish line. Workout Wednesday Plan: Toning



Workout Wednesday – Toning!

Every Wednesday…

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Gym joined

GUEST POST: Lucky Bitch 24/7

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Breaking The Yo-Yo

So I did it, I went to my local gym and spa and re-joined. I had my tour and I was about to book my first ‘assessment’ session for the weekend when I seriously grabbed that bull by both horns and said to the delicious young taut, bronzed, blue eyed chap who had guided me through the process “Please let me have my assessment now, I can be back in ten minutes in my lycra all in one, please do it now, don’t let me lose my bottle”. He laughed, probably secretly hoping I was joking about my lycra all in one (as I was) and said he’d have a word with the personal trainers and see if one could fit me in. I urged him to try all he could to cram me in sideways if need be and dashed off to get my gear on.

I’m not about…

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How do you dress a shrinking body?

Breaking The Yo-Yo

I’ve been here before and I’m here again, at that point where I’m losing weight steadily so my clothes are too big and yet I don’t want to buy a whole new wardrobe of things that won’t fit me in a month’s time.

Remember at the outset of my journey my daughter encouraged me to add colour to my wardrobe? Well most of that stuff has never made it onto my back and now it’s too big.

I went shopping today for a few holiday things (get me actually going to the shop and not doing it all online… yet more progress). I figured my dilemma was even worse than usual as the summer will soon be over here so anything I buy for holiday will get very little if any wear once I’m home again and will definitely not fit next summer it will be way too big. I’m…

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