Super typhoon Soudelor reaches Cat5

Watts Up With That? NASA’s Aqua satellite and RapidScat instrument analyzed Super typhoon Soudelor’s extent and winds as it reached Category Five typhoon status on the Saffir-Simpson Wind Scale. On Aug. 4, 2015, at 4:10 UTC (12:10 a.m. EDT) the MODIS instrument aboard NASA’s Aqua satellite captured this visible-light image of Super typhoon Soudelor. CREDIT Credits:Continue reading “Super typhoon Soudelor reaches Cat5”

Even Though We’ve Lived Apart (A Tribute To My Father)

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A tribute to my father today. A man who raised four children as a widower. How he kept it together we’ll never comprehend. And even although we are scattered around the world now, the influence of this wonderful man keeps as all together… So here’s a poem I found. Even though…

Overdevelopment, Overpopulation, Overshoot: Humans’ staggering effect on Earth

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Pictures are worth a thousand words. Our response to these idiotic comments on our “climate hawk” post click on the link a view the slide show. “More Liberal nonsense.I often wonder why Liberals hate people and freedom so much, yet love oppressive Govt. We are carbon based life forms, a…

CIA climate research effort decommissioned

Watts Up With That? Seal of the US Central Intelligence Agency. Author United States Government, public domain image. Guest essay by Eric Worrall Mother Jones reports that the CIA Medea programme, a climate research effort which involved providing civilian experts with access to classified information, is to be shut down. According to Mother Jones; TheContinue reading “CIA climate research effort decommissioned”

UK Supreme Court Orders Action On Air Pollution; Australia’s Air Declining As Well

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New Matilda: UK Supreme Court Orders Action On Air Pollution; Australia’s Air Declining As Well By Thom Mitchell A landmark decision in a United Kingdom court could force the British government to start tackling air pollution. Thom Mitchell reports. The Supreme Court of the United Kingdom has ordered the British…

5 Habits You Can Start On Earth Day That’ll Pay Off All Year Long

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This Earth Day, let’s skip all the talk and go for the easy swaps — the things you canreally do right now to better the planet, both today and for the entire year to come. Not only will these five easy Earth Day habits make your home a more eco-friendly…

Book of Complexity

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Physique of my swagger Sharp double edged dagger. Staggering wicked scripts life’s double flips. I spit four flavors of seasonal Rhymes architectural designs flavors of my physics in rhymes. Spiritual Spitz splits mountains into fountains of youths           fashion. Sediments of my whispering word’s creates philosophy…

Arctic Ice Extent Hits a 30-Year Low

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NASA created a stunning visualization of ice developing over the northern pole, and the thin, swirling sheets just don’t reach as far as they used to. The post Arctic Ice Extent Hits a 30-Year Low appeared first on WIRED. March 20, 2015 at 05:30AM By Deepak verma

The Big Picture: This missile can knock out warheads in space

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Rising from a wall of flames, a Raytheon RIM-161 Standard Missile-3 (SM-3) takes flight from the Deveselu missile defense base in Romania. Designed to intercept short- and intermediate-range cruise missiles before the inbound threats re-enter the atmosphere, the SM-3 has been likened to “shooting a bullet with another bullet.” This cruise…

Documentary about film scores seeks final crescendo of Kickstarter funds

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LOS ANGELES — To the right of Kenny Holmes’ half-eaten bagel, his phone flashes with notifications from a Kickstarter app, each pop-up message signifying a new donation to his already fully funded crowdfunding campaign to create a documentary about film scores Score: A Film Music Documentary, which March 14, 2015…