Underwater | Pterois Volitans

Interesting photojournalists.

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Being a lover of photography myself, I’m always intrigued to see what other people put out there. On Instagram especially, people blog their daily activities or have a website in which they show what they do. Quite often, they get paid to produce certain pieces others do it as…

Up for Discussion – Backing Up

Up for Discussion – Pictures by Leanne Cole Various Photographer & Product Reviews: This post today is written by me (Leanne Cole) and has come out of something that recently happened to me.  It was something that was scary and has reminded me of how important it is not to keep all your eggs inContinue reading “Up for Discussion – Backing Up”

7 Ways to Practice Crazy Wisdom

7 Ways to Practice Crazy Wisdom: Fractal Enlightenment “Crazy wisdom is the philosophical worldview that recommends swimming against the tide, cheerfully seizing the short end of the stick,  embracing insecurity, honoring paradox, courting the unexpected, celebrating the unfamiliar, shunning orthodoxy, volunteering for tasks nobody else wants or dares to do, and breaking taboos in order toContinue reading “7 Ways to Practice Crazy Wisdom”