Snow Facts

It’s not really the most wonderful time of the year unless there is snow involved. Fact.  Not only can snow be the greatest part of the British weather experience, but it also guarantees more happiness than a decent summer season. Ah snow. Word on the street (the street being the Met Office) is that weContinue reading “Snow Facts”

Canadian inventor tests new prototype of Hoverboard

Duru flew up to 5 metres above a lake for a total distance of 275.9 metres while aboard his homemade, propeller-powered hoverboard in a trip that lasted more than 1½ minutes. Now, Duru is working on a secret, next-generation version of the device. Watch as he takes CBC’s Reg Sherren into his workshop, where he is buildingContinue reading “Canadian inventor tests new prototype of Hoverboard”

Hundreds of balloon pilots take off at annual New Mexico fiesta

Hundreds of balloon pilots take off at annual New Mexico fiesta THE CANADIAN PRESS/John Ulan ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. – The mass ascension of hundreds of hot air balloons above Albuquerque went off without a hitch Saturday morning. Pilots began launching shortly after 7 a.m. at the annual Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta. The majority of balloons appearedContinue reading “Hundreds of balloon pilots take off at annual New Mexico fiesta”

Utah’s top tree climbers come together to compete

Utah’s top Tree Climbers come together to Compete: SALT LAKE CITY — Utah’s best tree climbers put their skills to the test Saturday at the annual tree climbing championship. The event is put on by the Utah Community Forest Council and the International Society of Arboriculture.The contestants cut trees for a living, either with aContinue reading “Utah’s top tree climbers come together to compete”

Pedro Vivas & Guillem Ramos Gil at Marbella Skatepark!

Originally posted on BARCELONA SKATEPARK:
It is always fun to spend time taking photos of these two. Pedro Vivas and Guillem Ramos Gil doing another skate session at Marbella skatepark in Barcelona. Cheers ? ?