…Scottish bagpipes… yeez either hate ‘em or LUV ‘em… there’s no in-between… #TBSU…

Seumas Gallacher

…there’s been a wee kinda Caledonian theme running through my Blog Post flow this week… purely coincidental, I can assure yeez… and I render no apologies for it… nor for the blatant indulgence in this particular missive… some of yeez are aware by now, that this ol’ Jurassic spent his latter teens living and WURKING amongst the good folks in God’s Country on the Scottish Hebridean island of Mull… one of the plethory of wonderful things that sojourn vested in me is a LUV of the pibroch… the solo piper, generally with a lament curled around the music… we Celts and Gaels are a sensitive lot underneath all that brawn and swagger… however, I cannot hear a solo piper without instantly reverting in my head to those six years spent on an island where the only thing yeez conversed with sum’times was the land itself… the solitary sense of…

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