Against better judgement

Sier Wicked Romancer's Persuasive Poetry


The wisdom to see beauty, due believe the crystal clear view of the rear view, retrospect for the world to see. The beauty of a crystal ball, a gaze due see the world’s universal beauty.
Beauty of the night skies ,merging into todays beauty, future of tomorrow’s night skies, eloquent beauty of a crystal ball’s gaze. The gaze through crystal clear eyes due see, beauties of wonder the beauties of you and me, eyes gaze of due wonder, the beauty of eyes to see. Crystal balls of wonder, the future’s gaze of wonder, due believe, the universe’s wonder at a gaze, peering to see a wonder love’s universal wonder.
I gaze into wonder
The crystal ball a gaze
Peer into the future of a soul
Beauty behold the eye’s to wonder

Crystal clear glasses, hours to wonder
Beauty of a gaze, free due wander
Freebirds persuasive souls
Sediments heart’s of…

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