Reader Story: Back To The Sea

The Fickle Heartbeat

Back To The Sea

Shared by Arl’s World.

A True Story of love and loss and new beginnings …

The sea was where she always went to be alone with her thoughts. She liked looking out over the ocean, enjoyed watching the waves dance upon the shore. The warm sun caressed her skin. The cool ocean breeze blowing through her hair gave her a sense of freedom. She had been to this particular spot a million times before. There were so many happy memories of good times past; friends, family, relationships. She felt grounded here, calm and at peace. She needed some time to think, to reflect, ponder on all that happened to her in the last year. She left to get away from him, to start over. But even here, far away from him, he clouded her thoughts. The pain was still fresh. She was glad to be back home, back…

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