A Measure of Self-Worth (Is it like a Pig in a Poke?)

Sunflower Solace Farm

Welcome to Time Travel Tuesday, where I go back to something somewhere on my blog.

A reader’s comment on a post from last week sent my brain into overdrive mode.  Sometimes I pick at things like they are a new bone; gnawing at them, burying it, walking away, going and digging it up to gnaw some more – until I crack it and get to the marrow of the thing. 

Here is an excerpt from the comment that I received:

“…By gauging what you deserve, demonstrates your self-worth…. There, some thoughts to tinker with.”  – PiecesofBipolar

 And so I tinkered.

Authenticity is valued only when one surrounds themselves with those who value that which is authentically you.  When your authenticity destroys the sanctity of others carefully crafted hedges, you become invisible; or worse yet, a liability to be silenced.  We see this clearly throughout history, but it goes…

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