Baffle Bangalow

Sier Wicked Romancer's Persuasive Poetry


Sire of wickedness romancers answers of a baffling bungalow. Persuasive sediments of blues, Romes architectural designed of baffling bule mooned bungalows. Precise places where beauty of poetic wickedness in poetry, Friars weakness.
Persuasively sheer hourglass petite shapes, a goddess of wikid beauty, sweet sermons of sexual poetry, pheromones aroma’s of my poety. Indulging in persuasive word’s, wickedness induced cheating heart’s failures of Romeo’s marriage. £ove’s beauty singing with wizardrii my license of wickedness to fantasize succulent aromas sucductive of passions in wikid poetry. Throbbing thoughts of seasoned mind’s sharing succulent aroma’s, allows positive proposals sucductive wikiditry due beauty wikiditry due baffling poetry. Seduce Sires’s weakness with chanderlers of lights in beauty, reading & inhaling aroma’s of succulent architectural’s wonder’s a masculinity of my admiration for your convenience wickedness sheer delights of poet’s philosophy pain’s artistry in poetry. Romantic of poetic starts provocative passions more promiscuous of prophets queued theories of…

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