Food, Water, Electricity, Medicine Needed in Lugansk

Digital Empire

Kiev attacks on Lugansk has cut off the civilian population from food, water, and electricity.  A shortage of medicine and medical services are also very apparent.

Civilians are prevented from fleeing as the Kiev junta continues its wholesale destruction of Eastern Ukraine.  Ukrainians in the Lugansk and Donetsk regions say their family and friends are disappearing one by one.  Utter horror and widespread fear that people are being kidnapped or executed by Kiev Ultranationalists.

Meanwhile, Kiev’s representative to the UN pretends that “There is no humanitarian crisis in Ukraine.”

The humanitarian crisis in Ukraine. Supported by OSCE findings.

smmaug4Civilians being forced to fight for the Kiev Junta.

smmaug4-2Ultranationalists Right Sektor continue to spread fear and intimidation in Odessa. This time at the police headquarters in Odessa.


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