The Marriage Bells That Didn’t

The Dark Fantastic: Literature, Philosophy, and Digital Arts

Ding dong the day begins.
I fall out of bed and Pugsy grins
and licks my face; I slurp
around the edges of my dream.
Never mind; my day begins!

Now I know I had my socks
somewhere in these drawers,
but now I notice their scattered
here and there all over the floor;
I find them under stacks of books

nesting by the closet door.
You’d think I’d be cleanlier
and have a maid pick my stuff
up every week and sort it out;
but no, I’m lazy like that,

I’d rather suffer through this
exasperating session everyday
to having someone else befuddled
by my mess look at me puzzling
just how I got this way;

for you see I’m a man, or so
they tell me, who has no wife
and should realize I’m not free
as I like to think I am, you see?
I’m a bonafied bachelor…

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