My Roomates Mom Died Recently, at the age of 57

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Monumental Life Insurance Company: Approve my moms life insurance payout.

Noah Kelding
Omaha, Nebraska
My mom died unexpectedly at the age of 57. A year prior My parents were approved for life insurance through Monumental Life for a small payout of $10,000, just enough to cover her funeral. A few weeks after the funeral my dad received a letter stating the claim was denied. The reason they denied it was because after being approved one of her doctors ordered a in-home monitor to report to her doctor a progress report of her pace-maker. She had already had the pace-maker for several years prior and Monumental Life knew about it. They stated that the monitor used to send the report to the doctor was considered home health care like one would recieve if they were not expected to survive much longer. My moms death was not expected, and they did not lie or leave any information out on their application. Monumental Life has no reason to not pay this claim. My dad lives on a very limited income and barely has enough to pay his bills each month, let alone pay for the $10,000 funeral that Monumental Life is refusing to pay for. It’s not a million dollar policy, it’s just enough to cover the funeral. Please sign this petition to tell Monumental Life that’s it’s not okay to refuse payment. My parents held up their end by making every payment, Monumental Life needs to hold up their end by paying the claim.
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