Pilot project to put bus drivers behind protective shields gets underway

Thank God for shielding

Global News

It is the latest step in helping make Metro Vancouver bus drivers feel safer on the job.

Later this year, Plexiglass shield prototypes will be installed as part of a pilot project on a handful of Metro Vancouver buses.

Two shield prototypes will be tested in Victoria and Vancouver for six months.

If approved, they could eventually be installed on up to 1,600 busses.

The shield is meant to serve as a barrier between the driver and potentially violent passengers.

A long history of drivers being punched, spit on and sexually assaulted has prompted the innovation.

In March, a female bus driver was violently assaulted in an unprovoked attack, in which she suffered trauma, bruises, had quantities of her hair pulled out and her glasses smashed in the struggle.

WATCH: A bus driver who was viciously attacked on her job is speaking out about her ordeal

[tp_video id=1209967]

Later this year, a 42-year-old woman…

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