Local entrepreneur’s personal transport tours stalled by city

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Global News

Watch above: Segway tours along Saskatoon’s riverbank could be coming

SASKATOON – Saskatoon’s picturesque riverbank is a place to walk run and bike but not for Segway tours.

Jason Kawa purchased two Segways two years ago, envisioning a business for personal transport vehicles along the river front.

“I thought Saskatoon has a beautiful river bank and it’s an ideal setting so if I could purpose guided tours in a designated area then it could be something,” said Jason Kawa, owner of Eco Adventures Saskatoon.

That was two years ago; now his pilot project has run into road blocks with the City of Saskatoon.

“I think the issue might be that it’s something new. Once they understand that it’s a guided tour, it’s single file, there’s regulations, there’s a safety orientation, they’re wearing helmets, etc… then comparing it to other provinces in Canada that have them, they might be a little…

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