Feeling 21 again

Breaking The Yo-Yo

20080116cplis-a-pI did a very silly thing last night… I spent the whole night lying in bed talking on the phone to my boyfriend 😀 

This makes me chuckle. It’s totally crazy at my age isn’t it? I’m blushing with embarrassment, what a hopeless fool. 

I didn’t suffer too much for it today, remembering some of the things we talked about kept me smiling through. 

It made me realise something, that youthful thinking doesn’t disappear with age it just gets put on hold a while and having a second flush of youth isn’t a bad thing. It certainly isn’t confined to the male of the species nor is it always defined by sports cars, hair pieces and way too young women. It is expectations of ourselves and society which make us stop doing the spontaneous things we did in our youth not our age. It’s like life drags us away from carefree…

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